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Shining Wisdom
European Version Script
Odegan Castle
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Boy at gate:
Wow, your garb is so new. You must be joining the castle ranks, eh? That's great. I wish to be a knight when I grow up.
Girl at gate (blond):
Odegan is surrounded by ocean and mountains. Since it isn't often disturbed by neighbouring countries, this land is full of beauty and trnaquility.
Girl at gate (red):
You don't look familiar. You're gonna embarass yourself if you keep gawking at everything like a fram boy. You've probably never seen a town this big, right?
Man at gate:
This is Odegan town, the principal town in the Kingdom of Odegan which is located in Northern Parmecia.
Old man at gate:
Who are you? Where are you from? You came here to work at the castle! Ha! I know all!
Priest at Fortuneteller:
Do you want to know what's going on? So do I. I just saw this crowd of people...
We gathered here because that old lady at the fountain told us to, but now what?
Old lady:
I've been living here a while, but I've never seen her before. That old lady...must be an outsider.
Man (black):
A spectator, huh? Why don't you move somewhere else cause you're blocking my view.
Please, listen to me. Really, we can't just let it be...or else Odegan's Castle, town and kingdom will all be ruined...
You doubt me?!
You, too. You don't trust me!
Aaah...What a shame...
But, it's all true.
My crystal showed me the future. We really have to...
Hey, hey! Where are you guys going?
I thought she was going to perform some tricks, but if she just babbles about the ruin of our country...We're just wasting our time!
To top it off, she's talking of crystals and prophecies...Hmph! I should have expected as much. Crazy old woman.
Why do you say that...I saw it. It's true! That's why we must join together and...
Why don't they trust me...?
Guard 2:
Stop it. Or you will bring ruin upon us.
Sorry! I'm busy.
You doubt my vision?!
What a pity...Cretin!
I won't be responsible any more if the kingdom gets into trouble!
You must be a castle soldier, right? Let me guess, You heard my speech and think I'm a crazy old witch?
Yeah. Just as I thoguht. Beat it! Shoo! Shoo!
Well you wish to hear more? Hmmm...but...should I even bother...well, why not? The reasons I came to Odegan Castle is to find a hero brave and powerful enough to defeat a dragon. That's what we need to prevent this crisis. But...unfortunately, I believe my fears to be true. There are no brave men left in Odegan. All our heroes are gone! Too bad the kingodm doesn't have a brave knight like Giles any more...what a pity...
Hey you! Would you like to be a hero?
Well, since you look like a bright lad I'll tell you this. 4 djinns are about to be freed and they will lead to another disaster...Guard carefully the princess of Odegan.
Even though you do, you're far too young...You probably don't understand. Well, since you look like a bright lad I'll tell you this. 4 djinns are about to be freed and they will lead to another disaster...Guard carefully the princess of Odegan.
Inn keeper:
Do you want to sleep? Sorry, we're full. Come back later.
Woman at the inn:
Hey, you! Aren't you a little young to be drinking? Go away before I tell the guards.
Old man outside the inn:
That old lady trying to speak looked like a newcomer to this town. I heard that she was from Gudo Valley, I wonder if anyone lives there? I thought it was uninhabited...
Man in northeast corner:
There are a few buildings that have no entrance. We found a secret passage for the house in the southwest corner of town, but we still don't know how to enter this hut.
Man at fountain:
I hears it said that this country is unbelievabely peaceful so that's why I crossed the mountains to live here. Odegan is truly a safe and quiet country. But, what's wrong with that old hag? Why did she say that such a nice country at this would be ruined?! She must be jealous of peace.
Woman at fountain:
Do you want to get into Magician's house? If so, why don't you search around the house
Old woman, next to church:
There is a house of magicians in the southwest part of town. I know it's scary, but I've seenmany people go in and out. I wonder why we have to let them live here?
Guard #1 at main gate to the Castle:
This is Odegan Castle...What is your business here? What! A newcomer?! Regular soldiers must go around to the station at west entrance!
Guard #2 at main gate to the Castle:
West of Parmecia...across the mountains there are endless wars going on...But. here in Odegan, we don't have enough soldiers to fight. The reason I became an Odegan soldier is because I wanted to risk my life in battle, but there is nothing to do here. I'm so bored.
Boy next to magicians house:
Huh? Strange...there was someone here a while ago, but she disappeared when I turned away.
Inside magicians house
Magician #1:
I am an apprentice sorceress. Because of the power of the Magical Fairies,it's easy to use magic in this kingdom. But I wonder where the Fairies are?
Magician #2:
When they took away its power, the enormity of the Giant's power almost overcame the Fairies...They ended up sealed in their own maze, but they eventually escaped.
Magician #3:
If you have the power of the Fire Djinn, it's easy to do these things. Wa ha ha ha ha.
Magician #4:
Long ago...4 Djinns sealed away the Giant Seeega in Underground Marsh. It took the magic of all 4 Djinns to do it thoguh.
Magician #5:
Let me tell you something, young lad. This land is tainted because during the last battle between Good and Evil, the vil Giant fell here.
Book #1:
What uses are there for Freeze Magic? The power you get from the Wter Djinn lets you freeze water and even bombs.
Book #2:
Effective use of the Earth Djinn's S?ark Magic! It can be used to warp from one point to another, with the right conductor.
Book #3:
What to do anout released Djinns? people say if you steal the attack power from a Djinn, it will return to its Labyrinth.
Book #4:
The uses of the Djinn's Orbs! you can utilize their sealed magical power by using spiritual power to equip the Orb.
Book #5:
Blaze is the special magic of offense! 3 Orbs can be used to help solve riddles in the Maze, but Fire Magic is used mainly for attack.
Book #6:
How to use the Air Djinn's Blast magic! Pressing certain combinations of buttons will allow you to destroy walls with this magic.
Book #7:
What is a magical barrier? It is made up of magic and only magic can break it.
Book #8:
Treasure is bountiful indegan kingdom. If you can use all the magics, you will be able to find plenty of treasure here.
Guard #1 at west entrance:
That old lady...hateful! She was saying that this kingdom would come to ruin, but nothing like that could happen to such a peaceful country at this.
Guard #2 at west entrance:
Hey, you! Are you Mars? The newcomer scheduled to start working at the castle today? Sir kaipa's been waiting for you inside.
Inside the castle
Guard at entrance:
Ahh...the infamous Mars...Welcome! Laipa has been awaiting your arrival. He's in the right hand passage.
Guard at table:
I heard the son of Sir Jiles is coming to the castle. I bet he's as big as a bear!
Hmm...the new guard is late. I hope he's not lost...What would Kaipa say?
Inside Castle
when approaching Sir Kaipa and chancellor
Can't you wait? We are trying to have an important conversation!
It seems...Pazort never...contacted us afterwards...
If we try to reach Hobbit...would they harm the Princess? What could they possibly want?
Hmmm...he looks just like...Sir Jiles...hmmm...
You are the son of Sir Jiles...Mars, right? I'm sure you're Mars!
Hahaha...just as I thought...Mars has finally come!
Hahaha, you can't lie to me. You look just like Sir Jiles!
This is Mars I was telling you about! Starting today he shall be working here at the castle!
Mars!...The descendant of Sir Jiles. The blood of heroes runs through your veins!
Alf! Alf! Is Alfred here?
Yes, right here!
Can you come over here?
Yes, right away sir.
Since I am quite busy, I have asked Alf to watch over you. You two should work together. Doubtlessly, you two will make a great team.
Sorry to keep you waiting. Shall we go see the King?
Nice to meet you. I'm Alfred. I'm a new recruit as well. you're Mars, eh? I was expecting a bigger man, but we'll make a great team.
Our night shift doesn't start for a while. Why don't you take a look around? ...I'm going to take a nap in the Knights' Quarters.
First floor
Guard #1, west wing:
There's a sealed shrine in the middle of the Western countryard. I wonder what secret it might hold...
Guard #2, west wing:
Princess Satera's room is in the East wing of the castle. Could somethimg have happened to her...Nah, no way.
Guard #3, west wing:
Security has been tight lately especially near East Tower. They won't even let us enter.
Guard #4, west wing:
The Knight's quarters are located in the West Tower of the castle. Off duty troops go there to sleep. Men only though...What a shame.
Guard #1, main hall:
It only takes a minute to order then away...Why don't you do it yourself?
Guard #2, main hall:
beyond this point is the Royal Treasury. Unauthorized people are strictly forbidden.
Guard #3, main hall:
The Royal Treasures are vital to ODegan & are stored underground for safe keeping. They must be protected always!
Guard #4, main hall:
The Hobbit Elder is known as the "King of West ODegan" and heads a powerful family.
Man #1 next to main hall, first floor:
Odegan's knights boast quite a bit, but their skills have yet to be tested. I wonder if they can fight?
Man #2 next to main hall, first floor:
Did you hear the conversation between Kaipa and the Chancellor? Princess Satera lies in bed all day and won't wake up!
Guard outside west wing:
In the west middle countyard, there is a small shrine which I was told to guard, but since that shrine always is locked, I do not feel it needs to be guarded.
Guard outside the mian hall and all guards on the roof:
There's a commition near the main gate. It is probably the Hobbit Elder.
Cook #1, east wing:
The Princess usually picks flowers & sings in the garden...but she's been mysteriously quiet of late.
Cook #2, east wing:
The King mornally has voracious appetite, but today he didn't eat a thing. Could he have a stomach ache?
Scholar in library, east wing:
I'm well versed in lore, and yet I've never heard of a Sleeping Sickness. Princess Sater is fine...However, I suspect the King is hiding something from us.
Book #1:
The book states, "Beyond the ancient shrine! The power of the Jumping Shoes is not enough to make it to the other side of Magma Lake.
Book #2:
Effective use of Heavy shoes: Jump on the spot to brak cracked floors. Or take out your aggressions by kicking around wooden blocks.
Book #3:
The Elves' most basic Sleepig Spell can be countred with the Awaken Stone, a magical item long held by the Elf family
Book #4:
What does the encircled treasure chest in the center of the Sand Labyrinth hold? Consider the layout of the dungeon. Maybe a bird's eye view would help.
Book #5:
What is the best strategy to beat the Cloud Monster? When it's flying high, run under it. When it's low, attack right away!
Book #6:
The stone statues are linked. If you move one stone statue at the Royal Crypt, another might move as well!
Book #7:
Discover the secret of the Passage Mirror! A hidden mirror in the Fire Labyrinth combines with another mirror to reflect the entrance to the Mirror Labyrinth.
Book #8:
A combination of Heavy Shoes and Blast Magic will get you trhough the Streets of fire. And they also might open a few doors, or walls, for you.
Book #9:
The Fairies of Gudo love to play tricks. They usually won't appear in front of humans with their true appearance. They will appear in many different places in disguise.
Book #10:
have you bumped into the Killer Cactus? Try to trip it up, then attack as soon as it withdraws its needles.
Book #11:
The Power Glove has many uses! New abilities include throwing stone statues, bombs, and even volcanic bombs!
Book #12:
The Hobbits are residents of West ODegan! They live on the other side of the river beyond the 1000 Year Tree near the Water Labyrinth.
Book #13:
In the Maze of Gudo, stomp on a crack to break your mother's back.
Book #14:
Practical uses for the treasure of the Sand Labyrinth...the Mole Hand! Any place that has continuous sand you can dig through even under walls!
Book #15:
A forgotten ancient treasure of the Lost Forest! An invention of the Ancients acts as a second hand for lazy folks to grab things.
Book #16:
Life Stock vessels store life. When you are about to perish, the Life Stock will refill your life gauge. The only way to refill Life Stock is to sleep.
Book #17:
A wise way to deal with the turtle by the lake! A flipped over turtle will slide far when pushed...even into a ditch.
Second floor
Guard, west wing:
the Princess is very friendly, and I always expect her to say, hello to me, but I haven't seen her...for a few days.
Woman outside Stera's room:
This is Princess Satera's room...No men are allowed within. Please turn back.
Woman #1 in throne room:
I heard the Dark Elf Pazort is responsible for the King's condition. Have you heard of him?
Woman #2 in throne room:
The King was really looking forward to seeing his friends from Hobbit. I don't understand why he decided to send them back.
Woman #3 in throne room:
Yes, may I help you....? I'm sure you want to see the King, but right now, he doesn't want to see anybody.
Woman #4 in throne room:
I can't bear seeing the King. He is so grief-stricken over Satera that he is not eating.
Guard #1 in throne room:
Beyond this point is the throne! Even we guards can not procees without authorization.
Guard #2 in throne room:
Looks like you're a newcomer. I'm sure you want to see the King, but you should come back later. Today is not a good day to see him.
Man #1 in throne room:
The King won't see anybody! It's all because of those lazy guards.
Man #2 in throne room:
Pazort's goal is to rule the kingdom of ODegan. He thinks nothing about Odegan's Forcers.
Man #3 in throne room:
Not letting the King and the Hobbits meet has something to do with Pazort's plan...Yes, I'm sure about it.
Man #4 in throne room:
What's with the Scholar....? He disappeared seeking a cure for Sleeping Sickness, and he hasn't been back for almsot 3 days.
Guard, west wing:
When Sir Kaipa tightened security, he placed guards in strange places. I wonder if we really have to guard places like this?
Man #1 in bed, Sleeping Quarters:
Please don't wake me up...I haven't been sleeping well. Leave me alone.
Man #2 in bed, Sleeping Quarters:
In the bedroom
Hey, Mars...have you looked around already? If so, why don't you talk to the knight at the table and get some sleep...Well, good night.....Zzzz...
Aren't you Mars, the newcomer? I already recieved a report from Alfred. Use any empty bed.
Guard in main hall:
The King has declared that he can not see you. So please depart at once!
Hobbit chief:
No! I refuse to leave. A cannot turn my back when the kingdom is in jeopardy.
Hobbit chief:
You are aware that I've been the King's friend for a long time, yes?
Hobbit chief:
So let me see him now!
Like I said, the King doesn't feel well please come back later.
Hobbit chief:
Absolutely not! I will not leave until I see the King's face!
when stepping to the bed
You may take a nap here. Would you like to rest until your shift begins?
YES/NO - Select YES to proceed