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Shining Wisdom
European Version Script
The First Night
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Ohhh...I'm so sleepy today! Mars, how about you?
Alfred: too, huh? Thank goodness I wasn't the only one.
Mars, you're extraordinary. Your father was the one who defeated the Dragon.
Mars, it seems like...I'm becoming exhausted. I can't even stay up. Can you do me a favour? Watch out while I take a nap for just a little bit?
Uh? Really? Wow! Mars, you're too kind.
Well sorry, but I'm taking a nap. Good night...Zzzz...
Mmmm...I suppose you're right. I shouldn't do that.
I know it's not right to sleep...while on duty...b,but...I'm so...sleepy...Sorry...but I must
Alfred falls asleep. A figure goes into the crypt
Mmmm...let me...sleep...little longer...
inside the crypt, when reciving the Vigilance Spall
It's a legendary magic stone of Elves. I'm sure it will prove useful. You are not ready to travel beyond this point. Take that and go back outside. Farewell until next time we meet...
Outside, next morning
Gee, what a nap.
Hey, Mars, what a nice morning. Thank goodness the night was uneventful.
Hey, Alfred! Nothing happened last night, right?
Y,yes sir. Nothing happened.
Wha,what? Really! You sure NOTHING happened?
Y,yes really! Nothing happened last night. Isn't that right, Mars?
Hehehe, see? Just as I said, nothing happened!
No told me nothing happened a while ago. You're joking, right? Nothing happened, right? (question repats until you say "yes")
The King will be happy to hear this! Come join the King with us right now and tell him what you just told me.
Eh? The King will be happy?! Wh, what do you mean?
Well, you'll find out when you get there!
Mars, you too. The King will want to see you!
Mars, what are we going to do...well, I'll go ahead and see the King. Please accompany me!
In the castle, first floor
Guard #1, west wing:
Suddenly...a thick fog came and BOOM!...The next thing I know it's morning.
Guard #2, west wing:
The King wants to see you. Know how to get there? Then, I'll tell you...Head south and go upstairs then go east, pass the central stairs and north into the Grand Hall.
Guard #3, west wing:
I was shocked when I got here. All the guards were sleeping. What a bunch of lazy louts.
Guard #4, west wing:
When the Chancellor and Kaipa found out all the guards in the West wing fell alseep...boy, they were upset!
Man at table, west wing:
Last night, out of sudden, I became tired and fell asleep on duty. And now I can't sleep.
Guard at entrance to west wing:
*yawn* I sleep better at home. I heard the guards fell asleep at their posts last night.
Guard #1 in main hall:
Knights at the main gate had problems with the Hobbit Elder.
Guard #2 in main hall:
Huh? The bruise under my eye? It is an honurable injury...I got it when I tried to make the Elder leave. He got mad and punched me.
Guard #3 in main hall:
Don't laugh at that guard. he is upset because of the shiner the old man gave him.
Guard #4 in main hall:
Strange events these days...The scuffle with the angry Elder and last night's Elf Magic.
Guard #5 in main hall:
A pity the others were put to sleep. A strong guard like myself wouldn't be affected by magic. Hahaha!
Guard #6 in main hall:
I heard Elf magic is powerful. Do you think you could resist their powerful Sleeping Spell?
Guard in garden:
Aaachooooo...they put me on duty again, because I was sleeping on duty last night on the west side. It's unfair!!!
Cook #1:
Food! Food! Food! So many mouths to feed. Seems like the number of soldiers has doubled!
Cook #2:
You're still hungry? Sorry, all the food is gone. Now...Shoo! Shoo!
Scholar in library:
Hmm...I checked all the books and couldn't find anything on Sleeping Sickness. I hope the Princess gets well...Sigh...I'm trying my best to find a cure.
Second floor
Guard, east wing:
Funny...Princess Satera would normally be out now, but she's not...I wonder why?
Woman outside Satera's room:
This is Princess Satera's room...No men are allowed here. Please leave.
Man #1 in throne room:
Are you the one whose strong mental powers won out over Elf Magic...Mars? Well, impression of you has changed.
Man #2 in throne room:
The King became revitalized after he heard about you. Hurry through and see him!
Man #3 in throne room:
The reason why you have strength to resist the spell is because you are descended from Sir Giles! Move along now, proceed on to see the King.
Man #4 in throne room:
I have faith in Mars, but I wonder if that guard Alfred is dependable? Hmm...
Woman #1 in throne room:
Ahh...your first time seeing the King? Proceed through the south entrance! Make sure you talk to him first.
Woman #2 in throne room:
Everyone including the Chancellor has gathered around waiting for you, Mars. Please, hurry to the King.
Woman #3 in throne room:
I thought a person who could shake the powerful Sleeping Spell would be big and strong, but I was surprised because he was actually pretty cute.
Woman #4 in throne room:
You must be Mars, right? Everyone including the King has been worried that you might have got lost inside of the castle!
Guard #1 outside throne room:
Mars, you may proceed...but tell me something first. I heard you can resist the Elf's spell...But were you OK afterward?! Can you tell me your secret?
Guard #2 outside throne room:
Ahem. The King's been waiting...You are lucky to see the King at such an early stage.
Man in bed #1, sleeping quarters:
Ah, ah, fog...fog...Don't know why...but...I feel so good...Zzz...Zzz.
Man in bed #2, sleeping quarters:
Blanket is very warm...Last night was...on the floor...bed is the best...Zzz...
Man, sleeping quarters:
Those guards...supposedly they weren't sleeping last night, but now they're napping again. Gee, they're sure sleeping well, though. Surprising...
Guard #1 on roof:
I heard there was some trouble and people are getting jumpy, but I'm just relaxing here. Woo Hoo...what nice weather!
Guard #2 on roof:
There was a commotion at the castle yesterday because of the Hobbit Elder, but it seems like he went home because it's quiet today.
Guard #3 on roof:
This morning everyone was puzzled about last night's Elf magic. I heard that there's a Hermit at the Thousand Year Tree who's able to undo magic. Should we invite him here?
Guard #4 on roof:
There is a rumour that Dark Elf is targeting this kingdom, but I wonder if that's true. If so, then this kingdom will be ruined.
Guard #5 on roof:
If the Dark Elf was behind last night's crime, why was nothing stolen?
Guard #6 on roof:
I really didn't want to guard the Royal Crypt because I was scared, but since I heard something happened at the west side of the castle, I'm glad that I was here.
Guard #7 on roof:
Am I lucky or what? I'm guarding the tower to the Princess' room. Ohh..Iwant to see the Princess so badly...
Guard #8 on roof:
This guy...he's in love with the Princess. He even became a guard in the hopes that he might get to see her.
In the town
Guard #1, west entrance:
I found this out after the Hobbits left. The castle is abuzz with talk of Elf Magic. The culprit should be...
Guard #2, west entrance:
Odegan used to be a quiet town, but now there are many strange occurences. I woner what's next?
Woman next to church:
Last night I saw an Elf wondering outside at midnight! This morning, the castle reported problem with Elves. Could it be him?
Woman at fountain:
I heard the West District, where the Hobbits live, is more dangerous than here. How scary!
Guard #1 at main gate:
Because of their long ears, the people behind the Hobbits must have been Elves. That's an unusual sight in this part of the Kingdom.
Guard #2 at main gate:
I was expecting the Hobbits to return today, but I heard they went home this morning. Thank goodness!
Man at fountain:
There is a rumour in town that strange things are happening at the castle. Is that true? I thought this town was quiet...
Man in northeast corner:
Hey you! Don't run so fast. It's dangerous to run that quickly!
Old man outside inn:
The Elf returned in the morning. I wonder if he went for a walk? But, he was out too early for a stroll.
The Hobbits and the Elder went back to their village this morning. I feel sorry for them because they came all the way out here only to be turned away.
Woman at inn:
Hobbits sure drink a lot! One thing I noticed last night...There was only one Elf. I'm sure the female Elf was there but the man wasn't.
Wow...the party last night was amazing. We enjoyed singing and drinking. *Hiccup* Oops...must be a little tipsy still.
Girl at main gate (red):
*sob* The Hobbits went home. They were small and cute. I wanted to play with them...*sob*
Boy outside Magicians house:
Before the Hobbits left, I saw them disappear around here. I wonder where they went?
Magician #1:
I heard the Hobbits returned this morning to talk with Odegan's female Elder. What could they be talking about? She's been upset ever since they left.
Magician #2:
According to the Hobbit Elder, there is a person trying to bring about the legendary Giant's revival in Odegan kingdom. If this story is true, the royal treasure must be their target.
Magician #4:
The fact that the King sent away the Hobbits is an ill omen. Oh...I know something bad is going to happen.
Magician #5:
Are you the son of Sir Jiles? Maybe things are looking better after all. The people can count on you.
In the King's room
You're sure nothing happened, right?
But...guards at the west gate fell asleep from Elf magic...
Your majesty! Do you think the Elf's spell didn't affect them?
I don't know...I don't know, but since we were attacked, we need more security!
Your majesty, Mars has arrived.
You are late, Mars! Hurry! Step up here.
Mars, since you were late, I was worried that you wouldn't make it. You're my friend, right? Could you please, um...back up my story?
If what Alfred said is true, you two show a lot of promise for new recruits. Proceed in to your audience with the King!
I heard that even after the spell was cast, you continued guarding? Well done, Mars!
So you are Mars...I've been waiting to meet you!
So, Your Majesty, what do you think?
Hmm...just as you said. he looks like Sir Giles.
It's been 10 years since that nightmarish Day of the Dragon. I feel strange seeing you. It is as the hero Giles has returned to ODegan...
Last night, we had problems...At the west side of the castle the guards were found asleep!
When we arrived at the castle this morning, every guard on the west side was sleeping...It looks like Elf Magic.
That damn Dark Elf...As if it weren't bad enough...He curses the princess, and now this...
Chancellor! That's enough.
I apologize, Sire...I've spoken about things I shouldn't have.
You were unharmed...right?
Strange...Alfred told me that you two were unaffected, but is that true?
question repeats until answering "yes"
Your majesty! Should we make them Elite Guards of the Princess, now?
Mars, Alfred! As of tonight, I order you to guard the Princess with your lives.
Keeping the Princess safe will determine the fate of the Kingdom. Understood?! This is an important duty. So, please do your best! Now, rest and be ready for tonight!
I'm sure you two are surprised but everything Kaipa said is true. I'm counting on you two...
H...hey, Mars...Because of my lie, we are in trouble now. It's too late to say anything now, b...but...what are we going to do? Things could get very ugly...I need to go to sleep.
The King and Sir Kaipa are too easy on you two! Don't forget...I don't trust you, yet!
I feel sorry for's all because of Pazort...But, no matter what happens, I can not give over THAT item...It would mean ruin for the entire world.
Guarding the Princess will be connected with the fate of the world. Understood? It's that important. Now, get ready for tonight and get some rest. Good luck!
Woman #1:
Since Odegan Castle is so big, I still don't know where everything is in the castle. I'm sure a newcomer like you is having problems too!
Woman #2:
I'm impressed that you started to collect information about this castle...Mars,I'm sure you know the tricks for getting around in the world.
Woman #4:
Normally, people who see the King don't talk to amids immediately afterwards. You are the first. The blood of a playboy *winks* must run through your veins!
Man #2:
All information about the Princess's condition is confidential...Well, because you are the descndant of Sir Giles, I trust you will not gossip.
Man #3:
Hmmm...the blood of Sir Giles must've given you the strength to overcome the magic! We've been waiting for a strong warrior like you.
Guard in west wing:
I heard everyone to the west felt the Elf's sleeping spell, but you were fine, right?
I can't stand it...But, I have no choice...should I do it? Well, let's just get ready for tonight. ...Zzzz...
Man in sleeping quarters:
I heard from Alfred that you received an important responsibility, huh? You are more than welcome to use any of the beds as long as you want.