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Shining Wisdom
European Version Script
Gudo Valley
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Back in the castle
Your majesty! Mars has arrived!
Is it true? Mars is here! Great! ...Please come up front!
Satera (fake):
Pazort blackmailed Father by cursing me and tried to get the Orb of the Djinn. But everything's OK now right? Mars defeated them! Peace is wonderful!
I can't believe you defeated the Dark Elf...That's incredible! Pazort is a feared wizard, and the top Magician of Parmecia. There is no way he would give up his dreams so soon.
Well done Mars! I heard the story from the princess, but the first thing you should do is speak with the King.
I heard the story from Satera. Mars, your deeds were honourable and courageous!
That despicable Elf! How dare he attempt to kidnap the Princess, and cast spells on the entire Castle of Odegan!
If Satera had been kidnapped, I would have sacrificed peace in the kingodm to insure her safety. Luckily, that situation was avoided thanks to Mars!
I heard you rescued the Princess and turned away Pazort's followers, huh? You sure have distinguished yourself and made a reputation in such a short time!
Satera (fake):
Mars was brave enough to fight Pazort & save me from those horrible Dark Elves!
Satera (fake):
Can you reward him for defeating that evil Dark Elf?
Yes, yes, of course...I was just thinking about that!
After your recent adventure, Mars, I bestow upon you the rank of..."Knight"!
Mars, since you have been promoted to Knight, you are no longer a regular guard. From now on, your only duty is to go out deeking adventure.
Satera (fake):
Father!...I mean, Your majesty...
Your first quest is to journey to the Gudo Valley in notheast Odegan and meet the Fairy who dwells there. If you can solve the riddle of the Valley, the Fairies will reward you.
If you take this key, you will be able to open the door to the Labyrinth. Now, take it and go!
A soldier who receives the title of Knight must...go out and gain experience so he can help in a time of need. That's a Knight's duty. Your first quest is to meet the Spirit who dwells within the labyrinth of Gudo Valley. It is written if one journeys into the deep recesses of the labyrinth...the Spirit will reward that person with the power to hear the voice of Nature. Here is a hint to solve the riddle of the Valley...A clue is in the Lost Forest. If you get stuck at the Labyrinth, try visiting the Lost Forest.
Pazort sought to revive the Giant with the magic Orbs. Luckily, his plan was foiled! Your father, Swordsaman Giles, grew strong by seeking danger. I'm anticipating your growth.
Cook #1:
Looks like the King's appetite is back to normal. Lots of cooking to do now.
Cook #2:
Mars! I heard what happened...Protecting the Princess and driving the Dark Elf all in one night must have been one tough job!
Guard in Garden:
The princess was rescued by Mars? But, she came back alone from here. Why weren't you with her?
First floor
Guard #1 in main hall:
Don't become careless. Just because you drove away the Dark Elf, there are still other evildoers out there.
Guard #2 in main hall:
Since the castle is now safe, I have time to search for treasure. I heard you can find things if you just dig holes in the ground.
Guard #3 in main hall:
it's incredible that Pazort was able to put an entire castle to sleep with one spell. His magic must be powerful!
Guard #4 in main hall:
This is a strange land. Once, I found a cave entrance under a tree that I burned down.
Guard #5 in main hall:
You're saying that we were all put to sleep? All that I know is that the treasures I'm guarding are still sitting here safe.
Guard #6 in main hall:
It's difficult to explain exactly what it feels like to be put to sleep. Actually I wouldn't mind trying it again some time.
Man #1 next to main hall:
Mars, I knew you were more than an average guard. You did a great job!
Man #2 next to main hall:
Since you did so well last night, Mars, you will be promoted to elite guard. If you have any questions...Be sure to ask a member of the Magician's Guild. The magicians know many things.
Man #1, west wing:
I can't believe it. I never thought Pazort would have the nerve to attack the castle!
Man #2, west wing:
Thanks to Mars, peasce has been restored in Odegan. As for me...I'll probably lose my chance to get promoted.
Man #3, west wing:
I wonder if that magic was mist magic? I always saw a mysterious fog before I got put to sleep.
Man #4, west wing:
Things are fine with you, you had a grand adventure! But I was put to sleep and hit my head on the wall...Ouch!
Man #5, west wing:
An inexperienced man-at-arms like you defeated the Dark Elf? That's hard to believe.
Man #6, west wing:
If you are promoted because of your distinguished service, please don't forget us guards are still your friends.
Guard outside west wing:
I was so happy that the crisis had passed. I thoguht we could relax, but they told us to maintain the tight security.
Second floor
Alfred, sleeping quaters:
Mars! I heard that you rescued the Princess from the Dark Elf. Congratulations!
Man, sleeping quatres:
Alfred is in that bed. He is upset because he lost his chance to be promoted.
Guard, west wing:
I hear the most recent ghastly deeds have been the work of the Dark Elf! I also heard that you took care of it, right?
Guard, east wing:
I hear the Princess was absent because Pazort placed a curse on her and made her sick!
Woman in Satera's room:
The princess was she's back already. I did not even know she had been taken.
Guard #1 outside throne room:
I heard the Royal Crypt is...a scary place with many traps, but what happend there?!
Guard #2 outside throne room:
The one who commited those horrible deeds was the Wizard Pazort? ...And you...defeated yourself?...surely you jest.
Man #1 in throne room:
It's amazing that the person who defeated the infamous Pazort is as young as you are! I suppose age doesn't long as you have heart.
Man #2 in throne room:
The King's been troubled about the unreliability of Oegan's soldiers. Consider this though...with Sir Mars's great work it's obvious that he will go far.
Man #3 in throne room:
Well,'s the newly titled Sir Mars, the hero of Odegan who defeated the Dark Elf! Everyone including the King is waiting for you.
Man #4 in throne room:
Sir Mars, soon after you arrived, you were able to meet the King, gain his favor and perform deeds that bards will sing of for many years. What are you going to do next?
Woman #1 in throne room:
Oh's Sir Mars...if you start talking to me, I think I'll faint.
Woman #2 in throne room:
Oh...Sir Mars, I heard you rescued the Princess. *sigh* It's just like a fairy tale. How romantic!
Woman #3 in throne room:
Even though there were many guards on duty in the castle, all fell victim to the spell. That's pretty shameful and disappointing.
Woman #4 in throne room:
Isn't that Dark Elf Pazort the very famous wizard from the Parmecia Continent?! He seems pretty weak considering his reputation.
Guard #1 outside west entrance:
Hey, the newcomer Mars. Is it true that you gained the rank of Knight?
Guard #1 outside west entrance:
I thought so...maybe if I work hard every day, I will accomplish something so I can be promoted as well.
Guard #1 outside west entrance:
Hmm...I guess rumours aren't very dependable.
Guard #2 outside west entrance:
I don't know who started it, but everyone in town knows about the Princess. I am getting tired of them asking all these questions.
Guard #1 outside main entrance:
The Hobbits left for the West District and should be back in their village by now. They don't even know what happened at the castle.
Guard #2 outside main entrance:
Where those Dark Elves next to the Hobbits? Nah, I don't think so. But who were they?
Man in northeast corner:
Aren't you popular, Mars?! I heard you rescued the Princess. Is she beautiful?
Old man outside inn:
When you take the road nect to the river all the way north, you will find a cave entrance. The cave leads to Odegan's West district.
Woman at inn:
I don't recommend you go, but to the south is a desert and something called a Sand Labyrinth.
Since the Hobbits are gone, the Inn is empty. I hope they make another reservation.
Man at fountain:
I was surprised to hear there was a battle against the Dark Elf at Odegan castle. I'm proud of our soldiers.
Woman at fountain:
I heard the castle was attcked. Odegan's West District is supposed to be dangerous, but I guess this side is too.
Woman outside church:
The Princess was kidnapped and a Prince appeard to defeat all the evil and fall in love. Kids' stories are always the same.
Girl (blond):
If you take the south road out of town and head north along the river, you'll see Gudo valley to the east and the Lost Forest to the west.
Girl (red):
I heard the Princess was kidnapped by an Elf, but a handsome Prince rescued her, and they both fell in love.
Boy outside magicians house:
Hey, who is the Dark Elf Wizard? Is it true the castle was attacked? Tell me, don't treat me like a kid.
Magician #1:
Pazort's target this time was an Orb holding a Djinn. I heard the Orb grants a person magical powers.
Magician #2:
Except the sand Labyrinth which holds the Earth Djinn, all the labyrinths are located in the West district. Some are not even easy to enter.
Magician #3:
I heard the earth Djinn is in the Frying Pan Colosseum in the Sand Labyrinth, but a huge monster is guarding that area.
Magician #4:
Are you going to Gudo Valley?
Magician #4:
Find one treasure in the Valley and one in the Lost Forest. Make sure you find them. Don't forget!
Magician #4:
You will have to go there eventually. See me when you do.
Magician #5:
Be wary of Pazort's Transformation magic. If someone is hit by that spell, you must take him to the Hermit at the Thousand Year Tree to cure him.
after the boss is beaten in Gudo valley
Just as I thought, I knew you would come!
I've been living in Gudo for ages, but no one from ODegan has been here since Sir Giles.
That's right, your father...The battle between your father and the Dragon started in this very Valley. I guess Odegan's King isn't too old since he remembered to send you here for adventure.
Ha ha ha, I'm sure you don't understand why, but you jouneyed here because they told you to seek the Fairy of the Valley, right? Well, you have come to the right place.
Huh? Are you saying that I'm not the one you seek? Well who are you looking for then? Does he or she look like this?
Or, how about this?
Or, even this?
Or, possibly this?
Gudo fairy:
Hi! Mars...You finally made it. Odegan Kingdom is in more trouble than I thought.
Gudo fairy:
I bet even the King who is smart wouldn't suspect his own daughter. It's hard to believe that the Princess standing in front of him is a fake.
Gudo fairy:
Since this happened, all you can do is find the true Princess & enlighten the King. Right now, the true Princess is a swan wandering in the Lost Forest.
Gudo fairy:
With this, you can talk to the Trents to find the swan and rescue her. Then, find the Hermit at the Thousand Year Tree in the West District so he can cure her.