Scripts & Translations
Shining Wisdom
European Version Script
Air & Light Labyrinth
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Boss room, Air Labyrinth
I can't believe that little puny you followed me this far!
I hate twisty places like this, they make my head hurt. Fighting I'm good at, but...Wait...if you're HERE...then that means the others have been defeated, huh?
Since you're silent that means I'm right? Banbo, Gueid, and...Karry...Karry also!?
Nooooo! Kaarrryyyy!
Doguu: Karry...I'll never forgive you for that! I will not rest, Mars, till I have your head!
At the end of Light Labyrinth
Mars...Son of Giles...I'm glad you made it!
It has been a long time since that day Jiles came to me asking for the Sword.
Ok, since I promised your people, I shall give you the Shining Sword...Mars, Hold the Sword high!
Now, you can fight any enemy with all your magic and the Shining Sword. Go, now. Save Odegan from the evil plotting of the Dark Elf!
Back at Odegan Castle
Oh, Mars, you're back! I heard the Air Djinn was released...
I left everything to you, but you failed four times! are useless...
Enough! Chancellor, you've overstepped your bounds!
Look at Mars...Even though he got injured, Mars explored many labyrinths and fought the followers of Pazort to recover four magic orbs! What else can we expect from him? I'm full of appreciation for Mars.
Odegan Kingdom isn't ruined yet! If there's still a small chance, we have to take it!
Mars, since all the Djinns have been released, the only thing left to do is...find and reseal all the Djinns. Can you leave for the Underground Marsh now?
Sir Kazin has gone to the Underground Marsh already...and nothing has been heard from him. Please be careful. Well, if you encounter him along the way...please take care of him.
Go Mars! You carry the blood of Odegan's hero. Let them feel your true power!
The Shining Sword that can defeat Djinns is ready, right? Don't forget to bring it. Pazort should be waiting at the Underground Marsh, so be careful!
I can't believe that even the Air Djinn was released! The only thing we can do is use what little time we have to seal away the 4 Djinns.
Kazin has already left for the Underground Marsh...What if he bumped into Pazort...What will Pazort...What with Pazort's deadly magic...what if he...
Oh, Mars, you're back! I heard the Air Djinn was released...
Do you have the Shining Sword? Pazort must be waiting, so be en guarde!
When you leave, know that I will always be in the castle waiting here for you. Even though you are going to the Underground Marsh to fight Pazort, please...come back.
Man at gate:
Elves are here. I think they are the same ones who came with the Hobbit Elder earlier.
Boy at Magicians house:
Hey, I saw something huge flying in the western sky. It moved very fast.
Magician #1:
Life Stock are the magic vials scattered all over the world which carry extra life. After you use them, spend a nigt at an inn to replenish them.
Magician #2:
The heavy thud technique that Doguu uses will make Mars's Accelration ineffective! You will be in trouble if you rely only on Accelration.
Magician #3:
I'm sure Pazort will be using the Rainbow Barrier. It renders most attack useless and will reflect any magic in turn. Change your attack according to the color of the barrier.
Magician #4:
Since all 4 Djinns have been released, please try to defeat them all with what little time you have left. You found the Shining Sword, right?
Magician #5:
While the Giant is drawing power from the Djinns, don't get close to it. Don't look down at the power of Giant.
Girl (blond):
I heard from the Elves taht you saved the Hobbits when they were captured by Pazort! That's great!
Girl (red):
The Hobbits are cute, but that Elf has a nice figure. Ohh...they're both good looking.
Old man outside inn:
That thing flying from the west...I'm sure it was the Air Djinn! It appears the Air Djinn has been released.
Woman at inn:
Because of all the bad omens, we haven't had much business. Why don't you have a drink?
Since Odegan might be going to ruin, there are no customers at the pub or inn. But we must work to live, you know.
Man in northeast corner:
You solved the riddles of 4 mazes and got back all the Orbs? I knew you were talented.
Woman at fountain:
When I saw that huge armoured beast flying, it made me wonder if later on all soldiers will be able to fly in the sky and fight. How exciting....
Old woman outside church:
Djinns are able to fly. That's because they are high level spirits. But you can't spend waste time worrying about things you can't fix.
Guard at west gate:
I wonder what happened to our force which went to the West District? There's no news...
Guard at main gate:
Hey, Mars! You're finally back! I'm sure the King's been worried so why don't you go find him!
Castle, first floor
Guard #1, west wing:
Ever since the Djinn of the Wind flew away, the shaking has stopped. I wonder what's going on?
Guard #2, west wing:
I've seen a shadowy figure wandering near the West Shrine. If all of Pazort's followers have been beaten, that leaves...Pazort!
Guard #3, west wing:
Brrr...*shaking*...I can't stop shaking ever since I know the Giant is about to awaken.
Guard outside west wing:
Aaah!! Don't scare me like that. I'm scared enough as it is knowing the relation between the Dungeon and what lies underground.
Guard #1, main hall:
I guess the Elf Family from Hobbit was on our side...but we are taking precautions...just in case.
Guard #2, main hall:
Mars, you defeated all four of Pazort's followers...You must be pretty strong, huh?
Guard #3, main hall:
My comrades who were guarding the TReasury have gone west and haven't returned yet. Hmm...could they have been attacked?
Man #1 next to main hall:
Remember the young Elves who accompined the Hobbit Elder? They have returned bearing a message from the Elder.
Man #2 next to main hall:
Did you know that the marsh where the Giant lies buried is right underneath the castle? I didn't know that we are standing on top of a disaster waiting to happen.
The Djinn of the Wind's release can only mean that they released all four Djinns and revive the Giant, right?
Second floor
Guard, east wing:
I guess people have to be strong if they want to be as popular as you. Well, that will never happen to me, though.
Guard, west wing:
I heard the sound of something huge crashing when the Air Djinn flew by from the west. That must have been the Djinn going underground!
Woman in Satera's room:
Satera has gone to the throne so she can see you. Now, she's acting more like a lovesick girl than a Princess.
Man in bed, sleeping quarters:
The weird light that I've seen before was from the Hobbit Village. Peoplewere sealed inside of the Mirror Labyrinth because of that ligh.
Alfred, sleeping quarters:'t...don't go inside...Zzz...
Man, sleeping quarters:
Guests have arrived from the Hobbit village. Of our two visitors...That's weird. The male Elf is missing...He was just here. Where could he have gone?
Guard #1 outside throne room:
Since Odegan's Forcers haven't come back yet, I thought I wouldn't see you any more! I'm so glad that you look cheerful.
Guard #2 outside throne room:
I guess the rumour about the hidden passage in Odegan Castle was true. It was hidden...bahind the throne.
Man #1, throne room:
I appeared calm before, but ever since the Djinn's release, I'm scared to death.
Man #2, throne room:
Don't worry, Sir Mars! What's the big deal that some Djinns were released? Our fortunes can still be reversed. We still have one last chance to defeat them.
Man #3, throne room:
That Elf woman is beautiful! I wouldn't have met her if it weren't for our situation. Well, I know it's a one way love.
Man #4, throne room:
Did you find the Labyrinth of Light? I'm sure you already got the legendary Shining Sword!
Woman #1, throne room:
Since all the Djinns are free, is this the end of the Odegan? *sob* *sob* I don't wanna cry.
Woman #2, throne room:
You're going to the Underground Marsh to seal away the four djinns? brave!
Woman #3, throne room:
Even though everyone is depending on you, Sir Mars...please don't let the responsibility affect you.
Woman #4, throne room:
Do you know if that handsome Elf man would be interested in human women? Well, I'm only curious...You don't think I'm a flirt...Do you?