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The Shining Source

The Shining series has been an inspiration to many aspiring games developers, and with the 4 year gap between Shining Force III Scenario 3 and Shining Soul, a lot of these developers have taken it upon themselves to create their own games in the style of Shining Force, or with a related storyline.

I could begin listing the various pieces of software and programming languages they are using, or even briefly cover some of the projects here... but it seems a little silly to double-up on information that's already available (and regularly updated) at another site. That site is The Shining Source, and if you're interested in trying out some fan-made Shining games or even in starting to create your own, I strongly recommend you visit the site and its forums.



Domingo as seen in Mascot Force!There's also a Fanwork forum here at SFC where you're welcome to discuss all manner of Shining fanworks - games included. 

A couple of projects of great interest which have been posted on the SFC Forums include Ken Hilf's Shining Force PC game engine, Renatobs Shining Force II Tribute for Nintento DS and the Shining Force II Community Project - built using BNC's Shining Force II ROM editor The Caravan.

Another promising game engine which currently seems to be on hold is the Tatakai engine my ex was developing. Although unfinished, the engine was complete enough to create games - here are some videos of the demo game I created.

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