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Games Similar to Shining Force

With it's fairly unique battle system, Shining Force is a game without many counterparts on the gaming market. People frequently ask me if there are any games comparable to the Shining Force games, and - though I've not really played any of them, I know there are a few games with a similar combat style. Though my knowledge of the Shining series is pretty good, that knowledge does not extend to any of these games, and as such I'm only able to provide you with a list of series/titles you may wish to consider looking into. If you know of any other games that should be added to this list, or if you'd like to contribute a few lines summarising any of the games below and their similarities to the Shining Force games, please email me
Similar Games 

Advance Wars, GameBoy Advance (suggested by Samuel Keays

Arc the Lad, Playstation, Playstation 2, WonderSwan Color (suggested by Brian Luquette

Bahamut Lagoon, Super NES (suggested by JJ MacKinlay)

Blazing Heroes/Mysteria, Saturn (suggested by Christopher Gross)

Brigandine, Playstation (suggested by Ringwraith)

Crystal Warriors, Game Gear (suggested by Justician

Dark Wizard, Sega CD (suggested by Ryan)

FEDA Series, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Saturn 

Final Fantasy Tactics, Playstation, GBA

Fire Emblem Series, NES, Super NES, GameBoy Advance (suggested by Justician

Front Mission, Super NES, Playstation (suggested by JJ MacKinlay)

Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth, Playstation (suggested by Ringwraith)

Slayers Royal (1 & 2), Saturn, Playstation (suggested by KiwiDomingoBleu

Tactics Ogre, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Saturn, GBA 

Vandal Hearts, Playstation, Saturn 

Vanguard Bandits, Playstation (suggested by Al Lica

Wachenröder, Saturn 

Warsong, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (suggested by Josh)  

Recommended Series'

Though they don't share the same combat style as the Shining Force games, the following titles may also be of interest to you:

Golden Sun Series
Golden Sun, Golden Sun II - GBA
Developed by Camelot Software Planning, the Golden Sun games for GBA are very similar in looks and audio to Shining Force III. What they've achieved on the GBA is truly amazing, and the games are very enjoyable too. It's a shame they don't use the Shining Force battle system, but the games do feel very Shiny nonetheless!

Stalker Series
Landstalker, Ladystalker - Mega Drive/Genesis
Dark Saviour - Saturn
Climax Landers (aka Timestalkers) - Dreamcast
These games were developed by Climax Entertainment, and undoubtedly have a slightly Shining feel to them as a result of this. Timestalkers even features cameos from Shining characters, however any events described/depicted in this game are not considered part of the Shining storyline (which is, of course, the brainchild of Camelot).

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