Shopping for Shining
Being (for the most part) such sought-after and amazingly hard to find games, you'll have to expect to part with a reasonabley large amount of money to purchase any original Shining title (especially in good condition) or related collectable. The places below may be able to assist you in locating a game or item for your collection, however, it's not guaranteed that any of the shops here actually have them in stock, and if they do they may be used and without box or manual. If you're unsure, always ask before you buy.

Google has tools to allow you to translate foreign websites and convert between currencies, which may prove useful to you in obtaining Shining items! Please do email me if you know of any other places where Shining goods can be purchased, as I'd love to add them to this list.

Online Auctions
If you're looking for classic Shining games or collectables, you are more likely to be able to find what you are looking for at an auction site such as one of these listed below. Sometimes you'll pick up a real bargain, other times prices can go sky high. But no matter what the price, there's usually a good selection of items available if you're willing to wait until the last seconds of the auction to secure your winning bid!

Auctions are often run by individuals rather than businesses, and as such you may be able to ask the seller on an international auction to mark the package as a "gift" when shipping, to save you paying import duties and taxes. Always remember to check this first, so you can budget for the additional cost of taxes/duties if applicable.

I've used Ebay many times, and have had no problems so far. Be sure to check the seller's feedback and whether they'll ship internationally.
You may also be able to find some Shining items at Ebay's various country-specific sites, especially the UK, French and German sites.
Yahoo! Japan Auctions
A credit card verification system is now in place, virtually shutting out all foreigners from the auctions, as the card has to be registered in Japan. If you can ask a friend in Japan to bid for you, this place is a veritable goldmine of reasonabley priced Shining items of all varieties! I believe there are also a number of companies who work as Yahoo! Japan bidders for foreigners, try searching the web for some.
Yahoo! Hong Kong Auctions
Over the last year the number of Shining items at Yahoo! Hong Kong has increased, and they're generally quite low-priced. You should be able to bid here using your normal Yahoo! account, but be sure to check if the seller will ship internationally first. I've only bought here a couple of times, but have had no problems.
Yahoo! Taiwan Auctions
More often than not, the sellers here will not ship internationally. But, sometimes you'll get lucky and catch a bargain. It does help if you can pay in Taiwanese dollars. Most of the items here would be of more interest to Shining Collectors, being Chinese guidebooks and the like.
Bidders replaced the old Ebay Japan, and seems to have more Shining goods available than it's predecessor - though still not a vast amount. I've never used the system, and I don't know if it is open to foreigners, but you may like to have a look at what's available.

Online Shops
The shops listed below stock mostly either newer Shining books, CDs or games. For the more unusual items such as posters, collector cards, etc you will be better of trying the auction sites listed above. Most of the newer releases can be found in your local gaming shop (subject to the game hacving been released in your country!). However, orders through some of the links here will provide a little income for SFC through commission at no extra cost to you and so your online orders are much appreciated! is part of Ebay, but is more of a shop than an auction site. Though I've never bought through it, I've heard it's reliable. Prices vary.
I've never shopped at VGD before, but I hear they are reliable, and they seem to frequently have some Shining games in stock at reasonable prices. Sadly, it seems they do not have as many Shining titles as they used to.
National Console Support have been around for years, and though I've never bought from them, I hear they have excellent service. Not only do they stock some Shining titles, but also handy accessories for the Saturn, such as import adaptors.
Although I've never purchased from this company, they seem to have quite a large retro gaming section (new and used stock) and do appear to be legit.
Another UK-based games shop. I've purchased from Telegames several times in the past and never had any problems. Great people, good selection, if a little pricey. They also have a range of accessories and offer a region-switching service for the Saturn.
Formerly 'Funcoland', a number of Shining titles are listed here, though not all in stock.
Recommended by SFC visitor Chris McMillen, I've not shopped with them but the selection looks good and they have the Premium Disc in stock at a fantastic price.
A community of people who are trading or selling their games - lots of for sale ads, and wanted ads.
Amazon's been around on the web for many years now, and is about as reliable as they get. They've got a lot of Shining items available, and if you purchase them (or anything else) through these links, SFC will receive a small comission at no extra cost to you.
Amazon's been around on the web for many years now, and is about as reliable as they get. They've got a few interesting items available, and if you purchase them (or anything else) through these links, SFC will receive a small comission at no extra cost to you.
Sadly, Amazon Japan will not ship internationally, so you'll need a go-between to order them for you.

The items to the right which show prices are current stock, whereas those without are no longer stocked but may be found at Amazon Japan's Marketplace.

GAME is a UK-based chain of stores, who are able to ship internationally for orders placed via their website. Their prices, as well as their shipping rates, are quite reasonable and the shop is reliable. A small commission will be paid to SFC for orders placed through these links.
  • Shining Soul II (EU)
  • Shining Force: Ressurection of the Dark Dragon (EU)
Recommended by SFC visitor Ivan Mecking, Play Asia have stock of the official Yogurt Plushie from Sega, which is no longer available via Sega Direct in Japan, as well as a number of other Shining items at great prices. They are based in Hong Kong but will ship internationally.