Shining Studies
Shining Studies is possibly one of the most interesting areas of Shining Force Central as it includes all kinds of background information, miscellaneous facts, theories and re-translations.
Developer Interviews and Comments
Yasuhiro Taguchi
Answers to questions posed by members of the SFC forums!
Yoshitaka Tamaki
An explanation of the origin of our furry friend, Yogurt!
Character Designers
Comments from the character designers for various Shining games.
Hiroyuki Takahashi
"Behind the Scenes - Shining Force" from gamesTM magazine.
For various reasons translations are not always accurate, and as such we've been given a wrong impression of the events in some of the games, and about Shining history. Fortunately, some of the important, mis-translated diaglogue has been re-translated by fans and are available below. Likewise, names often change in translations, and I've done my best to compile a list of the original Japanese names, their origins and how they should have been translated.
Game Script Sections

Shining Force
Introductory Scene

Shining Force II
The Storytellers

Shining Force III Scenario 1

Background Information, Theories & Trivia
Shining Chronology
Series timeline & connections between the original (Camelot) Shining games.
Shining Geography
Individual maps for the games and crossover map showing relative locations.
Shining Genealogy
Relationships between the characters, shown as graphical family trees.
Shining Races
The Shining World is full of a multitude of weird and wonderful races.
Shining Wisdom
Background information translated from the Official Guidebook.
Did you know...?
Things you may not have noticed or known about the Shining series.