Comments from the Character Designers

The following information is taken from the Sega TV Game Gallery (ISBN 4-7661-0772-1), a Sega-authorised publication featuring artwork from various games and commentary by the artists. Pages 32-43 cover the Shining games.

Shining & the Darkness : Yoshitaka Tamaki

"I can still remember that I was nervous, since it was the first time that I was assigned to such a big title. I thought the hero was a bit too small, but I decided not to change him, in order to give him the life and energy as well as to give the proper perspective in relation to his companions who meet various adventures. By the way, the reason why Princess Clare may look slightly different is because the initial design was used, not the design from the final version." 

 Package Design
"Since I wished to make the package's appearance different from conventional ones, I drew the pictures as though I were designing a poster. It is regrettable that the main illustration is a bit smaller than I intended."  

Shining Force : Yoshitaka Tamaki

"I drew the pictures by expanding the image of 'The Shining Force, the force of light, lead by the hero who fights against the force of the dark.' In the initial rough design, there were other characters such as General Eliot, Mishaera, Adam, Zappa, etc. However, those characters were eliminated because the screen was too crowded." 

 "I proceeded with the design, trying to depict an atmosphere like the melting pot of races represented in 'Shining in the Darkness'. The Centaur, which was born because the system required it, was a good companion who helped me spread the view of the world." 

 "I got the idea for the fighting scene from the title screen of the 'Bahamuto battle account'. I was sorry to find that few people recognized the meaning of 'Sister Fairu'." 

 Package Design
"I had a hard time making the screens stand out in the shop because dark colors were used."  

Shining Force Gaiden : Hiroshi Kajiyama

"I created this picture bearing in mind the image of posters for the action films in the old days. The color arrangement and composition of the picture are not sophisticated, but I believe that because this picture is active and, therefore, attracts attention, it may be effective in advertising the game. The finished picture is somewhat more like a poster for an animated film rather than an action movie." 

 Package Design
"A major issue was how to efficiently use the dynamic composition of the main illustration. Since the colors of the logo were light, it was a series of trial and error in harmonizing the colors of the main illustration and the peripheral frames."  

Shining Force Gaiden II : Hiroshi Kajiyama

"In making illustrations, I emphasized two points: expressing the energy of the characters for more variation while keeping common points as a package in the 'SHINING FORCE THE SUPPLEMENTARY STORY' series, and representing the game story." 


Package Design
"My big goal on this project was to bring out a new image while keeping the connection to the previous story. The most difficult point was harmonizing the logo with its surrounding frame."  

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