Did you know...?
  • In the Japanese version of Shining in the Darkness, the church had a cross on the front of it.
  • 'Gilius Thunderhead' from Golden Axe makes a cameo in Shining in the Darkness, as the weapons seller.
  • There were only 3,000 copies of Shining Force available in the UK.
  • Simone, who welcomes us in Shining Force, is known only as "read-it girl" in the Japanese release.
  • The ROM of Shining Force was translated into Chinese and made available in cartridge form (unofficially of course!)
  • In the Japanese version of Shining Force there is writing behind Jogurt's character portrait. It reads: I-ka-su, which means "cool" in Japanese!
  • The original Shining Force has had at least twelve different releases spanning more than half a dozen systems!dyk_yog.gif
  • The ability to search during battle in Shining Force II was accidentally removed from the English versions of the game.
  • References to a Devil King named Lucifer were removed from the English versions of Shining Force II.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog makes a cameo (of sorts!) in Shining Force II - the map for the secret final battle is made in the shape of Sonic.
  • Some aspects of Shining the Holy Ark were improved for it's English releases.
  • All three Scenarios of Shining Force III were re-released in Japan, after the Saturn's demise. The games sold out within days of going on pre-order.
  • Yasuhiro Taguchi's development diary is in the Abstract.txt file on the Shining Force III Premium Disc.
  • Until recently, there was an annual Shining convention in Japan, called Shining Only.
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