Shining Genealogy - Family Trees

Known relationships within the Shining Series are covered below. Note that any blatantly obvious, and less interesting relationships (such as Anri being the daughter of King Guardiana etc) have not been included. This page primarily covers cross-game relationships and the more intricately detailed relationships of Shining Force III.


genealogy_darksolmishaela.jpg Darksol and Mishaela (Shining Force, Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict) are the parents of Mephisto, aka Dark Sol, aka Melvyl from Shining and the Darkness. The evidence for this is found in Final Conflict, though Mishaela's role is only implied it is clear from her loyalty to Darksol and her concern for Mephisto that she is indeed the mother.




In Final Conflict (and apparently in the Japanese release of the original Shining Force) we discover that Max and Kane (Shining Force) are in fact brothers, and that Kane is the father of Ian (Final Conflict).

Though it's not certain, it seems likely that Ian could be the father of Bowie (Shining Force II). We only encounter Bowie's mother in the game, but Ian did end up on Grans Island at the end of Final Conflict and Bowie's hair colour is a mix between his mother's and Ian's.




In Shining Force CD we are told that Sig is the nephew of Gong (Shining Force).

We know nothing about Gong's sibling(s), or Sig's parents, so this tree is a little empty. It would be nice to think that Knuckles (Final Conflict) fits in here somewhere because of his similar appearance, but I doubt that he does.




In Final Conflict we learn from Eric, the dragonman, that his father was none other than General Elliot (Shining Force). Though his mother remains unknown, the fact that Eric has wings, is fully capable of flying (which his father lacked) and has a more dragonlike appearance than Elliot, suggests that his mother may have been a dragon, or at least a more dragonlike dragonwoman.




In Shining Force II we meet Chaz who tells us he is one of Hawel's (Final Conflict, Shining Force II) children. His other children are unknown to us.

Hawel is an old man in Shining Force II, and it is assumed that his wife has already passed on. While we can't be sure who she was, some might like to imagine it was Sonette (Final Conflict) who seemed to be quite friendly with the mage.


In Shining Force CD we meet Shade, who is the only son of Hans (Shining Force).

Though we know nothing of his mother, I wonder if that cheeky look about him and bright hair have anything to do with Diane (Shining Force).




In Shining Force CD we meet Apis, who is the only son of Ken (Shining Force, Shining Force CD).

Though we know nothing of his mother, the only female centaur in Shining Force was Mae, so it's possible that she's the one.




In Shining Force CD we meet Ruce, who is the only son of Luke (Shining Force, Shining Force CD).

His mother is an absolute mystery, and I for one don't recall seeing any female dwarves in Shining Force!




Though Tao (Shining Force) makes no appearance in Shining Force CD, we do meet her younger sister, Wendy. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about their family.




Domaric, the Emperor of Destonia (Shining Force III) is the father of Isabella, Medion, Arrawnt and Mageron (Shining Force III), though by different mothers. In the game we only meet Melinda, mother of Medion, though we do know that Isabella's mother is called Francesca and Domaric's wife is called Margrite (Ma-ru-ge-rii-te).


Harold (Shining Force III) is the son of Brutus (Shining Force III), and though his mother is encountered in the game, her name is only shown in the Shining Force III artbook, as being Quester (Ku-e-su-ta).




Braff (Shining Force III) is the son of General Fafhard (Shining Force III), and has a rather unexpected mother - Basanda (Shining Force III), one of the four priests of Bulzome!




During the events of Shining Force III we meet various members of Synbios' family. His father, Lord Conrad of Flagard; his sister, Lady Margaret; his brother-in-law, Lord Tristus; and his young nephew, Algernon.




Though we know very little of Julian's (Shining Force III) parents, I've included him because of the crossover with Shining the Holy Ark in which we learn of his father's disappearance at Galm's mansion.

Though his mother is never mentioned by name, we know his father's name was James.




Jane's (Shining Force III) family history is not surprising, given that she's half Vandal, but considering her relatives, she's very lucky to look the way she does!

As you can see, her father is Governer-General Garvin (Shining Force III), who appears to have become involved with a female Vandal descended from Bulzome himself.



genealogy_garoshjade.jpg Garosh (Shining Force III) is the brother of Jade (Shining Force III Scenario 2). Nothing is known of their parents.

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