Shining Geography

Though no official map is available to illustrate the relative locations of the various lands seen throughouth the Shining series, I have researched and cross-referenced for several days in order to develop an accurate map.

If I were to write up all the evidence to support the accuracy of this map, it would take a pretty long time, so please just go with me on this one ;) I've read through the relevant sections of the game scripts, looked through the official game maps available, considered the positioning in terms of global climates and directions given in the games... and the following map is the result of this research:


World Map



The only section of the map which may be questionable is the shape of Cypress/Iom, as no official land map is available, nor is it possible to accurately create a map from scenes in the game, due to the lack of map-wandering in Shining Force CD. Despite this, I have endevoured to create as accurate a representation as possible from the information available.

Other Maps

To view the official maps for the various areas, see the list below. You may also be interested to see the "Ye Olde" version of the above map, here.

Eventually (and please bear in mind I first said this almost a decade ago!) I'd like to make the worldmap in Flash, and set it up to overlay the various routes taken in the games over the top of the map, along with other relevant maps & information. Until then, I hope this new view of the Shining World is both informative and enjoyable for you.


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