Shining Force II

English script taken from the UK release of Shining Force II. Translation from original Japanese script by Aspartate.


English Script:
Arc Valley is a dark place where evil gathers. He who rules Arc Valley is King of the Devils.
Dark Sol, Dark Dragon and Zeon fought desperately to obtain Arc Valley. The fighting of the devil kings created a mighty storm.
Zeon won. And every devil named him king of the decils. The other two kings envied Zeon. They sealed his powers inside the Jewel of evil.
When Zeon lost his powers, he fell to Earth, and created a giant crator where he hit. His moan destroyed the mountains and the crater was buried by the debris.
Grieving over the fight, the God of Wisdom created the Jewel of Light. The Jewel of Light chose a brave man and gave him a Holy Sword.
With the Holy Sword in hand, the brave main fought against the two devil kings. The Holy Sword contained Holy power. Thus the two devil kings were defeated.
Evil Arc Valley was sealed beneath the Ancient Tower. Never open the door to the tower. A great evil sleeps inside.
In the event of Zeon awakening, the power of light will choose another. Believe us. We lie not. Attack the devil at his mouth with the Holy Sword.
Japanese Translation:
Arc Valley is a corrupted place! A place where evil powers gather. Who the Arc Valley suppresses is the king of kings among devils.
Lucifer, Darksol, Zeon fought for their desire at the Arc Valley. The battle between devil kings was so fierce it burnt the land, dyed the sea, and shredded the sky.
In the end of the battle, the winner Zeon, was called the king of kings by all devils. The other two kings who envyed him attacked Zeon and sealed his powers into the Jewel.
Zeon, who lost all his powers, was swallowed by the sea of fire in Arc Valley Zeon's moans shattered mountains and buried him within the valley.
The wise god, grieved for the devils' battle, created the power of light. The power of light chose the one who should be honored. The honorable man created a sword in the wise god's mountain.
The honorable man who inherited power from the wise god swung the sword he created against the two devil kings. The clear light emitted from the sword destroyed the devils, in the Arc Valley.
This correpted place, Arc Valley, became an ancient shrine, a forbidden place. To keep the king of all evils from awakening, no one is allow to intrude this place.
If, by any chance, the dark forces are reviving the god's power will choose the honorable man. Believe in the power of light! Take the sword, destroy the devil.
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