Shining Force

English script taken from the USA release of Shining Force. Translation from original Japanese script by Aspartate.


English Script:
In ages long forgotten...
...Light fought Darkness for control of the world.
Dark Dragon led the evil hordes of Darkness.
The Ancients fought back with the Powers of Light.
Dark Dragon was defeated and cast into another dimension.
The Lord of Darkness vowed to return in 1,000 years.
Time passed, and Dark Dragon was forgotten by all.
Ten centuries of peace ruled the land of Rune.
Until the kingdom of Runefaust brought war and fear to Rune.
Hordes of evil creatures ravaged every land.
Here and there, strongholds of Good still held out...
...awaiting a Hero who could wield the Powers of Light!
Japanese Translation:
About 1000 years ago from now,
In an age when pure hearts were called light, evil hearts were called darkness,
the incarnation of darkness, Dark Dragon,
continued destruction and massacre.
After the fierce war between gods and the Dark Dragon,
the Dark Dragon was captured
and sealed somewhere on the continent by the power of the gods.
"I shall wake again in 1000 years..."
After that, as time passes by, the legend was forgotten.
People are enjoying peace like it's going to last forever.
But, this serenity is broken.
The big nation in the east, Runefaust, suddenly started a war.
People are shuddering in fright.
And hoping for a saviour who can confront this power.
Starting Up
English Script:
Wow! Dark Dragon, Ancients... Let’s see now, what else does this old book say?

Hmmm. One thousand years have passed since they vanquished Dark Dragon. And this book says Dark Dragon threatened to return right about now.

I bet anything that Dark Dragon is behind the evil hordes of Runefaust!

I need to tell someone about this! But who would listen to a kid like me?

I think Dark Dragon’s coming back! Will you help us? C’mon, it’ll be an adventure!

Japanese Translation:
Listen carefully. It's been 1000 years since the Dark Dragon was sealed.
By all means, we can't let the power of darkness revive.
To stop it's revival, we found descendants who inherited the blood to maintain the seal.
And these people are you.

Wow~ What would happen from now on?
Hmm... Hmm...

Ah! Welcome!
If you're here for ojiisan, he's out.
But I think he'll be back soon...

What? This book?
This is the book that records the legends of Rune from a very, very long time ago.

I know! If you want to...
before ojiisan comes back I can read this book to you!

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