Shining Wisdom Connections

These translations are by Aspartate, and are from information contained in the Official Shining Wisdom guide book. Many thanks to Raevynlocks for recovering this information for me.

About Pazort & Suruto
  • The Dark Elf Mage who works day and night with the 4 tennou in his command, in attempt to revive Suruto.
    His magic power is among the top ones in Parmecia and he's got absolute confidence in that.
  • The legendary giant Suruto is sleeping under the wide underground marshes beneath Odigan City. His revival starts from his hand. On his giant palm, Pazort commands the destruction of the world. If you seal the 4 Djinns, the revival of the giant can be stopped. Then you'll face Pazort.
Shining Series Connections
  • The incidence caused by Pazort is horrible. But, this is a big world, and there are other big incidences too.
  • For example, also on West Parmecia, there's a battle against the Demon King Zeon and his army of devils (Shining Force II) where the elves, Kazin and Sarah, contributed a lot.
  • The close relatives of hobbits also lend their hands to the human army.
  • What's more, as the future shown in Ishahakat's crystal ball, an incident will happen in Stormsong not long from now. (Shining & the Darkness)
  • You can read about the stage where the first game of Shining series took place, Stormsong (Thornwood), on a bookshelf.
  • Kazin and Sarah made their debut in Shining Force II. Kazin is a mage and Sarah is a priest.
  • Oddeye, an old rival in Shining Force II, seems to be related to Pazort in some way.
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