Storyline Summaries
Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Chapter 1
You play the Role of Max who is a young swordsman who is caught in the struggle between good and evil when he discovers the secret of the ancients, an evil Dragon sealed away and now Runefaust seems to be trying to revive him. The king sends him on a mission to the gate of the ancients. On their return to Guardiana they find it in ruins and that Kane from Runefaust has killed Lord Varios and has killed the King. Varios' daughter Mae joins and they head to Alterone. They find it's quiet until Max is put in prison by Kane. He is broken out of Prison by Khris, a young healer who takes him back to headquarters and then outside the Force has to kill some monsters. After that they talk to the King who begs forgiveness and then tells Max about a secret passage. The Force goes down this passage to the End.

Chapter 2
They end up in Rindo only to find that Kane has sailed away and they is only one ship left is the Mayors who wont let them have it. They then head to Manarina where the Kings daughter Anri is living. When they tell her she gets upset and calls Max a liar until Nova tells her Max is telling the truth. She runs off but is then found by Max and she then joins. In order to defeat Runefaust the Shining Force must gain the Orb of light from the Cave of Darkness. This they do and then return to Rindo. They are asked to find the Mayors Grandson who was last seen at the new Circus there. They enter the tent only to find monster there. They defeat them and rescue the Mayors Grandson and then the Mayors ship is theirs. On the ship Max is greeted by the evil sorceress Mishaela who burns down the ship. Now they have to head up to Shade Abby. They are forced into a battle by Darksol who is the main guy trying to resurrect Dark Dragon. After the battle two bird warriors join, Balbaroy and his wife Amon who take them to Bustoke.

Chapter 3
In Bustoke they discover that the men there are working for Runefaust and the strongest defender of the Town, Zylo, has been poisoned sending him Psycho. They defeat the Monsters at the quarry and retrieve the Moonstone. They give it to the Alkemist who makes Lunar dew. Max gives it to Zylo who returns to normal and then joins the Shining Force. They then head to Pao Bridge only to find that Runefaust has dug up a powerful weapon, the Laser Eye. After defeating the Monsters a knight named Pelle who used to work for Runefaust joins.

Chapter 4
In Pao Max meets with general Elliot who is about to fight them next but he explains that he is only doing this because he is Loyal to King Ramladu who is being controlled by Darksol. When Pao leaves the Force is joined by Jogurt, Vankar and Kokichi. After defeating Elliot the Force finds that Earnest, a knight has gone to find Balbazak, who destroyed his town and the Forces next target. They hurry to Uranbatol and catch up with Earnest who joins. In the Harbour they find Balbazak and they attack. After defeating him they decide to spare him until Darksol kills Balbazak himself. The Force then gets on the boat.

Chapter 5
The boat is attacked by monsters who are easily defeated by the Shining Force but the boat is damaged so they stop at Waral for repairs. In exploration of Waral the Force, after being warned several times decide to go past the buoys and get caught in a fast current which crashes the guest boat. A Vicar there saves them and then the Force heads down a strange object on the middle of a valley. They are teleported to a Room where a Master Mage is trying to open a secret passage. The Force defeats him but before they can enter the passage the Master Mage seals it off with some boulders. the Force escapes just before the valley fills up with water and they return to Waral. Their ship is fixed so the continue on their journey. Again they are attacked by monster and the ship is damaged even more this time and the Force drift off course!

Chapter 6
You Wake up in Rudo, a town run by children. You learn about Dragonia and a Dragon named Bleu so they head off to Dragonia. When they get there and Find Bleu he is very shy and tells them to go away. When Karin comes and talks to him and then goes away, she is captured by a Rune knight so Bleu goes and kills the Rune knight and then joins the Force. Next, Kane appears and you now fight him. After defeating him his Mask falls off and he explains he was controlled by Darksol and he apologises. Then Kane shows again and takes you to the shrine where Darksol appears and takes the sacred book. Kane tries to stop him but they both disappear. On returning to Rudo you learn of a new Skulled Castle has appeared so the Force investigates. Mishaela is the keep of the castle and after killing her you get the Sword of Light, A weapon of the Ancients. The Force heads for Prompt.

Chapter 7
In Prompt Max goes to see the king who thinks he is a Spy from Runefaust so he is put in jail. A Man named Boken breaks him out this time and then Max overhears a Conversation between the King and two messengers telling him about there efforts at the Tower of the Ancients. Max then talks to the king who tells him to try his efforts at the tower. Before he leaves the castle Max stumbles on Kane, sleeping in a room. Then the Force leave for the Tower. At the top of the tower they meet Darksol how has just raised the Castle of the Ancients. Kane appears and tries to stop him but he is killed by Darksol. When Max returns to the King he gives him the sword of darkness and tells him to go to Metapha and create the Chaos Breaker. This he does and then the Force head into the outskirts of Runefaust.

Chapter 8
In Runefaust the Force learns that Darksol has already gone to the castle and to get there they need to get past Ramladu. After defeating Ramladu Max uses the Chaos Breaker at the edge of the Land and raises it from the depths of the Sea. The force are teleported to the castle and before they get anywhere they are attacked by Colossus, I three headed monster. After defeating Colossus they enter the main chamber where Darksol is about to raise Dark Dragon from the other Dimension but can't as Max is there. Darksol then attacks but the Force overcome him. Darksol manages to raise Dark Dragon and the Final battle begins!

At the end of the final battle, Max must plunge the Chaos Breaker into Dark Dragon in order to reseal him. He uses his egress magic to escape, but the spell only transports the rest of the Force, and not himself. He sinks with the Castle of the Ancients, leaving the Force to grieve his loss.

After the end credits roll, we see Max and Adam having been washed up at a village somewhere (later found out to be Hassan of Final Conflict and Shining Force II)... alive and well.

Source: Swalchy