Storyline Summaries
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 1 - Nightmare in the floating city of Saraband
The game begins in the city of Saraband, a technological wonder able to float over the open sea, where the Empire of Destonia and the Republic of Aspinia are holding a peace conference over the recent invasion of Barrand by Imperial forces. Barrand is a Holy Land, revered by both nations and an important territory to control as its landscape makes it an important tactical point. To add to this, relations between the two nations have always been frail as most, if not all, Imperials feel that the Republic of Aspinia stole territories from them 20 years prior in the war of Independence which saw the birth of the Aspinian Republic. As such, although peace talks are being held, the air around Saraband is tense and anything could go wrong.

Synbios, a young general in the Republican army, is attending the conference in place of his father, Conrad; one of the key figures in Aspinia's breakaway from Destonia. Although he is young, Synbios has the respect of Benetram, head of the Republican assembly, and the noble knight, Sir Dantares. Others attending the conference are not so sure of his abilities, but Benetram's trust in Synbios qualms this mistrust to an extent.

A messenger from Saraband arrives at the house where the Republican leaders are staying and brings news that a special meeting between Benetram and Emperor Domaric has been called for so that progress can be made without the clamour and conflicting ideas and emotions a discussion en masse would bring. Benetram asks Edmund, a loyal general, to accompany him to this meeting but before he leaves, Benetram asks Synbios and Dantares to explore the city and get to know the people. The pair are joined by Masqurin and Grace, friends of theirs from Flagard although Dantares' attitude towards Masqurin is hardly friendly as she got him into trouble earlier. Nevertheless, the group heads outside to see the sights of Saraband.

While exploring the city, Synbios' force meets two archers, Hayward and Garosh, who are both part of the Saraband Bridge guard. Garosh ran away from the Republic to seek a new life in Saraband and is living there happily with his girlfriend and menagerie of doves. Hayward is a wayward archer, seeking a master bowman, and although he has enjoyed his time in the city of Saraband, he is thinking of moving on once again. However, it is not these two who have an instrumental part to play in Synbios' course of fate, but the third Prince of Destonia, Medion, who comes to save the young man when he wanders into the Imperial area of Saraband. Medion's arrival in the nick of time to stop the fight between Synbios' force and some Imperial soldiers is greatly appreciated and the two young men introduce themselves to each other, albeit nervously after each realising who the other is. Accompanying Medion is Campbell, a brave knight of the Empire, who respects Dantares' own skills as a knight, and Grantack, advisor to Medion. The first meeting between the Prince and Synbios sees the start of a friendship which develops into a strong mutual trust, however before the two get into lengthy conversation, a series of explosions rock the floating city! Prince Medion and Synbios part company and head back to their respective camps, but on the way Synbios' force is ambushed by a group of mysterious masked monks. A brief scuffle ensues and Synbios' force defeats the aggressive monks who seem somehow linked with the chaotic events which are unfolding before them.

On the way back to the Republican headquarters, Synbios and his force encounter an even more bizarre event! Benetram has kidnapped the Emperor Domaric and has a troupe of masked monks at his aide! Although Dantares pledges honour and demands Benetram release Domaric, when it comes to the crunch he cannot bring himself to oppose Benetram and the kidnappers leave with Domaric in the direction of the headquarters. Although they let them get away, Synbios' force heads back to the building to face Benetram once again…

Mysteriously, Domaric is not with Benetram when they arrive and the head of the assembly is at a loss as to what Synbios' force had experienced. Brutus, second in power in the Republic, comes charging into the room demanding to know what Benetram has done, but Synbios' evidence that Edmund, who was accompanying Benetram the whole time he was gone, was not with the masked monks, Domaric and ‘Benetram', proves that Benetram is indeed innocent. However, the fact is that Domaric has been kidnapped and Benetram, impostor or not, is the kidnapper. The leading figures of the Republic are trapped in Imperial waters and the Empire will certainly make a revenge attack on them, surely all this bad luck cannot be merely coincidence? Edmund and Tybalt offer their forces as decoys to distract the main Imperial forces while Benetram, escorted by Synbios, sneaks out of the city. The Republican forces leave, not to run away but to get to the bottom of the predicament and clear everyone's reputations.

On their way out of Saraband, Benetram and Synbios' force encounter a skirmish on the bridge connecting the floating city to the southern plains of Balsamo. The Benetram impostor and his masked monk henchmen mercilessly kill the bridge guards and make their way with Domaric out of the city. Garosh and Hayward encountered the scene and now know the truth that the kidnapper is really an impostor and not the real Benetram. Because of this, the masked monks are ordered to kill these witnesses, Synbios must rescue them if Benetram's innocence is going to be proved. Unfortunately, Synbios' efforts are in vain as the masked monks kill Garosh and the only witness to Benetram's innocence is gone. After the battle, Garosh's girlfriend releases the doves to send messages out to members of his family to tell them about his fate.

After being held up in Saraband longer than expected, Synbios' force has lost ground to the masked monks who are heading for Balsamo village. Another army of monks is summoned to fight Synbios and delay his progress and the kidnappers arrive at Balsamo much earlier than them. During the battle, the Saraband knights attack Synbios' force in an effort to stop them from escaping, meaning now that Synbios has the Empire, Saraband and a bizarre religious cult out to get them. Eventually, Synbios clears a path to the country hamlet after defeating both Saraband forces and masked monks.

General Varlant of the Republic arrives to come to Benetram's assistance, and his appearance saves the day as Benetram and Synbios can sneak into Balsamo while Varlant fights the army of General Spiriel, who has emerged from Saraband. Princes Mageron and Arrawnt, along with General Crewart, also leave Saraband and while the three depart in Imperial ships; Crewart dispatches some of his troops to search Balsamo…

The religious cult is lodging in Balsamo and the inn is where the main group of monks would most likely be hiding out. Synbios, Dantares and Benetram enter the inn and are invited to see the high priests. These priests reveal themselves to Synbios: Basanda, Fiale, Dessheren and Goriate, the four of Bulzome. Also sitting in the room is a bound monk with a mask. Although they deny having any involvement in Domaric's kidnapping throughout the conversation the mask of the bound monk falls off and reveals Domaric's face! Before they can act, Synbios, Dantares and Benetram are forced out of the room; and not daring to attack the Bulzome forces head on, they retreat outside the Inn to gather the rest of the force. On their return however, all the masked monks have vanished from the lodging! Synbios goes back to the room where the four of Bulzome were, and Benetram intuitively reads their plot that kidnapping Domaric would cause the Empire to attack the Republic. The high priests speak from a distance to congratulate Benetram's wisdom, and Fiale reveals that he was the impostor. However they also assure them that they will never escape Balsamo, which will soon be occupied by Crewart's forces.

In order to assess the situation, Synbios and Benetram head to the highest vantage point in the town; on top of the village chief's house. There they meet Obright who was separated from General Produn's army and found himself in Balsamo. He tells them that he didn't desert the Republic and was waiting here for them, he also knows a way they can escape Balsamo and takes them to Duncan's house. They meet with Duncan and Toby, whose life Obright saved, and they agree to let the Republican army use the secret tunnel Duncan had been digging, to repay Obright's brave deed. When Synbios' force emerge from the tunnel, they find themselves in Dwarf valley, which is a dangerous place where many monsters lurk. Despite the dangers though, they must fight on and pass through the valley.

Once Synbios' force passes through Dwarf Valley they arrive at Dwarf Hill where a group of bandits from Dusty Village are patrolling. It seems that their chief, Shiraf, has some involvement in the conference debacle and Synbios' force engages in a battle with them. After the battle, the wounded commander of the bandits is questioned but before any vital information can be obtained, the bandit takes his last few breaths and dies. Unfortunate though this may be that some evidence couldn't be shed, Synbios' force heads to the town of Railhead in the hopes of meeting with General Produn and merging their armies.

Chapter 2 - Cross-Continental Railway
In Railhead, Synbios' force intends to take the train back to Storich, in the Republic. To do this they have had to buy expensive tickets and wait for the train to be prepared. Unforunately, General Produn is not there waiting for them as his army had been ambushed by Imperial General Garzel and was defeated. To pass the time, Synbios is allowed to explore the town and after some fussing, Masqurin is permitted to come too. In the town they meet various people, most important of whom is Julian, a young mercenary who is drinking at the bar. Julian tells them stories of the kingdom of Enrich, Vandals and the Thousand-Year Kingdom before they continue on their way. While looking around the station building Synbios and Masqurin discover that the Imperial border patrol guards are occupying the station to search for Republican traitors. Because of this, Synbios and his companions can no longer board the train else they will be caught by the border patrol!

Synbios and Masqurin report back to the headquarters and Benetram comes up with a plan to hide themselves among the cargo in order to get on the train. However, the force encounters thieves raiding the crates and barrels when they arrive at the cargo hold! Among the discoveries is Irene, a young foreign girl who was hiding in one of the crates, but since she is not willing to come with the bandits they intend to take her life. Synbios' force prepares to fight the bandits and save Irene.

After the struggle, Irene is saved but the leader of the thieves retreats to inform Shiraf of Benetram's whereabouts as a great reward has been placed on his head. To add to this misfortune, the cargo hold is completely trashed and Synbios' force cannot hide out in there, as the whole town will certainly be searched. The force retreats from Railhead but before all hope is lost, Julian emerges from the town and tells them that he knows a way to get on the train and that he is willing to show them if they let him join them. Synbios and Benetram willingly agree despite this man being a total stranger, the fact that he hasn't turned them in to the border guards tells them that he is trustworthy even though they have only just met him. Julian intends to take the force to the switching point ahead where they can jump aboard the train as it changes tracks, but between them and the switching point is a division of Imperial general Garzel's army; left behind to look for the Republican army. After a fierce battle, Synbios and his army defeat the Imperials and proceed to the switching point ahead.

Unfortunately, the border guards have seen through the plan and are waiting at the switching point for Synbios' army. To add to this, a group of Imperial citizens, seeking refuge in the Republic, are spotting trying to board the train. As defection is a crime in the Empire, the refugees will be killed unless Synbios can save them. The arrival of General Varlant doesn't help matters as his mind is scattered after a crushing defeat at the hands of Spiriel. Varlant too will kill the refugees unless they join a militia force and fight for the Republic. As Varlant won't listen to reason, Synbios will have to face both the border guards and Varlant's army if he wants to save the lives of the refugees, but as luck has it, Medion's force arrives and will not let Varlant, or the border guards, slaughter innocent citizens. Synbios and Medion create a pact and while Medion takes care of Varlant's army, Synbios will defeat the border guards and save the refugees.

Synbios' force succeeds in saving the refugees and Medion turns his back on the captain of the border guards, who threatens the young Prince's safety. The border guards and Varlant's army are both defeated and the forces of Synbios and Medion meet again in front of the train. The two forces clear the misunderstanding that Benetram has kidnapped Domaric, and Benetram tells them of the Bulzome sect's involvement in the destruction of the peace negotiations, and that they are responsible for Domaric's kidnapping. The two armies go their separate ways from this point and Medion heads for Barrand where he hopes to find General Rogan and his ship, the Seagate, so that he can pursue the monks who have taken Domaric away by sea. After Medion leaves, Cybel, a knight from Varlant's army, appears and laments of her inability to be by Varlant's side at his final moment. She feels that her honour as a knight is shattered, but Dantares offers her a place in the Synbios battalion if she wants to reaffirm her knight's honour. Cybel willingly accepts and joins Synbios' force, who, with the refugees, board the train that they hope will safely deliver them to Storich.

The conditions inside the train aren't very friendly, and the force are made to sit near the smelly livestock, Dantares opens the cart doors to let in a bit of fresh air and Synbios is allowed to look around the train. Although the conditions are poor, the refugees are very grateful to be on the train and owe their thanks to Synbios and his force. Several rich aristocrats are also aboard the train as are merchants who hope to sell weaponry and other items in the Republic to make a profit out of the war. Before returning to the rest of his companions, Synbios even manages to befriend one of the chickens in the livestock cart, which follows Synbios around and back to the rest of the force.

Before long though, the train comes under attack from the Dusty Village bandits! They are seeking the life of Benetram and even though they normally let the trains run in peace, as Governor Garvin of Saraband pays them to leave the trains alone, the price on Benetram is too high for them to pass up. Although the bandits inside the train are quickly defeated they separated the passenger car from the train and intend to slaughter all who are aboard. Furthermore, two birdwarriors from Flagard, Elder and Zero arrive and bring news that the track ahead of the bridge has been destroyed. Although Elder and Zero were sent by Conrad to look for Benetram, they decided to help the train but this act of justice has united them with Synbios' army however and they climb on top of the train to get to the engine cart. Unfortunately, even more bandits are clinging to the train, including their leader, chief Shiraf. Zero is sent to the uncoupled passenger car to save the passengers while Elder joins Synbios' army who must now fight their way towards the engine car in order to stop the train before it comes off the tracks.

Synbios' force gradually pushes forward to the engine car where Shiraf is and after a tough fight they defeat the leader of the Dusty bandits. Before his death, Shiraf gives Benetram and Synbios reason to believe that Prince Medion's life may be danger. As such, Synbios sends Zero, who managed to save all the passengers, to warn Medion that because he is impartial to the Imperial desires to re-take Republic territories, he may become a target of the Empire. Zero heads to Anafect Village while Synbios and the force press on towards the haunted Quonus Village, where they will have to spend the night.

Chapter 3 - Target: Guardian Statue of Elbesem
The aura of Quonus village is eerie and even the brave Sir Dantares is irked by the ghost town, which provides Masqurin a chance to tease the centaur. Julian is missing from the headquarters and so Benetram sends Synbios and Grace to look for him and to explore the empty village. Grace senses evil in the village and when they are outside, various happening such as doors that open on their own, jumping boxes and floating tables seem to confirm this. Grace and Synbios duly enter the graveyard of Quonus but they dare not enter the ominous mansion and decide to turn back. However, before they leave the graveyard, Kahn, a monk of Elbesem, appears and is followed shortly by Julian, who has been following Kahn. Julian informs Synbios that a Vandal, a monster of legendary proportions, resides over Quonus, a Vandal that he intends to kill. The rest of Synbios' force arrives at the graveyard after Synbios and Grace had been away for too long and some strange creatures, Kyon-shi, appear from the mansion. Kahn tells Synbios that these creatures aren't monsters, but the villagers who are under a spell. Only Kahn's Elbesem magic can release the villagers and Synbios steps down from the fight to let Kahn free the villagers from the spell.

After the Kyon-shi have all disappeared, Julian and Kahn resolve to enter the mansion and challenge the Vandal. Synbios stops them from going in alone and offers to help; if the Vandal is real after all then it is an enemy to them all. Kahn therefore joins forces with Synbios and the force enters the haunted mansion.

Inside the mansion, a voice comes from behind the double doors on the 1st floor; the Vandal sends more of his minions after Synbios' force instead of facing them himself. The undead army is fearsome indeed, but Synbios' force succeeds in tackling them and when they arrive at those same double doors, the Vandal finally comes out of his hiding and prepares to fight Synbios head-on. Although the Vandals are meant to have immense power, this Vandal is old and weak and after Kahn destroys his dark shield with the orb of Elbesem the Synbios battalion is able to defeat the Vandal.

Basanda startles Synbios' force and commends them on their efforts, although she has not physically appeared to them, the high priest of Bulzome must be near-by. However, Basanda is soon gone after mentioning a new ‘toy' she had to show them. Since dawn is rapidly approaching, Synbios must now prepare to leave Quonus and make their journey to Barrand, back into Republican territory. Before leaving the mansion though, Synbios discovers a research room with a strange looking machine in it. When he tries to activate it, a goblin named Ratchet pops out of a hole in the room. Ratchet notices that the Vandal who had been controlling him has gone and now he can take his invention, the steam armour, for a trial run and more importantly, be free. A huge crash is heard as Ratchet successfully manoeuvres his machine straight through a wall instead of the door. Outside, in Quonus Village, the populace has been restored to their normal selves and will no longer live as Kyon-shi during the night. A shamed wizard, Noon, stands by the lake in the graveyard, in order to regain his wizards pride Noon offers to join Synbios' army and is readily accepted.

On emerging from Quonus Village, Synbios' force sees that Imperial general Franz is guarding the only route into Barrand with a huge army. Fortunately Franz's army is separated into three parts and Synbios' force has a chance to defeat Franz if he takes on each division one at a time. However, another stroke of luck bestows itself upon Synbios as, oddly enough, Spiriel arrives on the battlefield but instead of attacking Synbios, her army starts an offensive against Franz's army! Spiriel and her army make their way to the bridge, over the border, but something is definitely amiss and the female general's speech is broken as well as being accompanied by monsters… perhaps this has something to do with what Basanda had mentioned earlier? Soon Spiriel is gone and it seems that she is heading towards the guardian statue of Elbesem, Synbios' force defeats Franz with haste but, before they pursue Spiriel, they stop off at the gypsy village of Vagabond ahead, to rest and re-supply.

In Vagabond, Synbios meets Ratchet again but they don't stop to chat as Ratchet zooms off on his journeys again. In one of the tents, Synbios buys a huge egg from an old lady who was going to cook it; a handsome sum was paid for the egg by Synbios, which startles the old lady. Inside the main tent of Vagabond, Synbios meets the bowknight, Justin, who was part of Edmund's army yet had been left behind in Vagabond. Talking with Justin, the centaur tells Synbios that Edmund left him here because of an argument the two had, but despite being abandoned by his general, Justin remains loyal to Edmund and won't reveal what they were fighting about. Although Justin asks to be left alone, before Synbios leaves Vagabond he asks to join his army in the hopes of changing Edmund's mind yet.

Despite having stopped at Vagabond, Synbios' army is not too far behind Spiriel and there is still hope that they may yet be caught. Unfortunately, Spiriel reaches the statue ahead of Synbios and Basanda appears to offer them help in destroying the guardian of Elbesem. The statue is destroyed and Spiriel now turns her attentions to destroying Synbios' force, although Basanda removes herself from the battle after a mysterious voice comes from the distance, which she decides to investigate.

After a difficult battle with the well-trained Spiriel and her army, Synbios manages to come out victorious and Basanda returns after having had a difficult battle herself… with Galm. Julian, upon spotting the Vandal responsible for his father's death, charges at Galm but is casually tossed aside into Barrand falls. Although he is a Vandal, Galm seems opposed to the revival of Bulzome and stands in Basanda's way; he warns her and then leaves. Basanda takes this opportunity to leave also but takes Spiriel with her to be healed. The minions of Bulzome have won a great victory as the guardian statue of Elbesem is in ruins but nevertheless, Synbios heads to the suspension bridge ahead to see if they can find and rescue Julian, no matter how slim the chances are.

In the valley ahead, Synbios encounters general Garzel who is determined not to let Synbios pass over the bridge and into Aspia. Although they came here looking for Julian, they found an Imperial army instead, meaning that Synbios will not be able to find Julian at all. The battle between the two armies is fierce but as Synbios draws closer to the bridge, traitorous Republican soldiers flank them! General Edmund has betrayed Aspia and is assisting Garzel in capturing Benetram. However, Edmund notices something is wrong as hardly any of his soldiers have appeared on the battlefield. The reason for this appears; Prince Medion has been holding up Edmund's forces and the two armies of Medion and Synbios once again fight together; this time to defeat the cowardly Garzel and Edmund. During the battle, when Edmund attempts to cut the ropes to the bridge to stop Synbios crossing into Republican territory, Garzel forces him into the same waters that sucked up Julian little more than an hour before. Although Edmund betrayed the Republic because of his own ideals, he was tricked and manipulated by Garzel. Synbios and his force cross the bridge and defeat the coward, Garzel.

After the battle, Synbios and Medion meet up again over the suspension bridge. Medion returns Zero to Synbios despite the objections from Syntesis and Uryudo, and Benetram tells Medion's force of the Bulzome sect's activities. Benetram asks Medion if they are heading south to the town of Barrand and if they are, to extend their journey into Elbesem to investigate the activities of the Bulzome sect. Medion's force agrees to head to Elbesem and the two forces part, with Medion heading south and Synbios to the capital, Aspia.

Chapter 4 - Revolt in the Republic of Aspinia
Although Benetram has been returned safely to the capital of Aspia, all the Republic's problems are far from being solved. A war is still being waged with Destonia and due to the poor harvest earlier in the year most of the Republic's territories are starving. As such, the army of Brutus' territory, Baersol, has revolted and is heading towards Storich where they intend to raid the Republic's supplies. Despite having just returned to Aspia, and needing to visit Flagard, Synbios volunteers his force to crush the revolting army as general Fafhard does not wish to stop them from taking food which they need. In Aspia castle, Synbios meets Braff, Fafhard's son, who is in awe of Synbios' amazing talents as a general. There is something strange about Braff's demure nature but their conversation doesn't last long and Synbios exits the castle where he meets Elder and Zero who are in a rush to see him. It seems that since the guardian statue of Elbesem has been destroyed, the powers of Bulzome have amplified and Prince Medion would be in danger if he were to fight with the Bulzome cult. Kahn has offered to lend them the orb of Elbesem and Zero asks if he can deliver it to Medion, Synbios allows this and Zero heads off on his journey.

In Aspia, Synbios meets many people, including a strange girl who stands by the town's fountain all day. In the town barracks, they meet Horst, a soldier from Tybalt's battalion who asks to be transferred into Synbios' army. The transfer is approved and Horst lends his ‘mighty' powers to Synbios' cause.

Synbios' force makes their way outside Aspia's western gate and clashes with the Baersol army, catching them before they do too much damage to Storich. However, after the battle, the western gate of Aspia is suddenly closed on Synbios' army… something is afoot but now they can't get back inside the capital, moreover they cannot return to Flagard.

In the town of Storich, the mysterious egg that Synbios' force brought with them hatches, and outside in the town, Synbios finds a penguin, named Penn, who joins his force to fight the evil Bulzome sect. In Storich too, they hear that they may be able to pass through the Volcano cave to the south in order to get to Flagard.

Deciding it's worth the danger, Synbios' force marches south to the cave entrance, but there they find another army of Baersol troops… The Baersol invasion was merely a decoy force and while Synbios is now being held down in Storich, General Fafhard is making an offensive on Flagard, Synbios' hometown, where stacks of gold are allegedly being kept from the people.

Synbios fights the decoy force, who are blocking the entrance to the cave, so that they may return to Flagard as quickly as possible and clear up whatever misunderstanding has caused Fafhard to attack Flagard. After the battle, Ratchet catches up with Synbios' force once again and this time, in gratitude for helping him in Quonus, offers his services in Synbios' army. With a new ally, the force enters the volcanic cave to pass through to Flagard.

As well as being intensely hot, the cave also houses many more perils, such as monsters that keep appearing. But just as the force thinks that they are almost through the cave, a dragon appears! However, the dragon is only a baby, but still, great caution is taken and after a brief struggle, Synbios' force defeats the dragon and eventually reaches the end of the cave, where they emerge onto the plains between Aspia and Flagard…

Synbios' force reaches Flagard just in time, as General Fafhard has not yet invaded the town, and with Synbios' arrival he calls off the invasion so that he may crush Synbios' army. Unfortunately for Fafhard, his army is split in two, and Synbios uses this to his advantage to defeat Fafhard with minimal losses to his own army. After the fighting, Synbios and his friends are able to convince Fafhard that Conrad and Benetram had not stolen the country's wealth for their own use and Fafhard's loyalty is restored. However, High Priest Fiale suddenly arrives and strikes down Fafhard! Just as Synbios' luck was taking a turn for the better, this malicious priest arrived and severed any hope for an understanding with Fafhard. Fiale enters Flagard castle after mentioning a ‘meeting' with Conrad, Fafhard once again suspects Synbios' father and, although his friends think otherwise, Synbios pledges to honour Fafhard's last wishes and execute Conrad if he indeed has betrayed the Republic.

On the outside, Flagard is practically a ghost town as everyone has either fled into his or her homes or into the church since the Bulzome forces occupied the castle. Only Frank, a wolfman, dares venture onto the streets, who joins the force after Synbios gets a little pushy. As the gates to Flagard castle are locked, Synbios and his companions go to the church to speak with the minister, who tells them that there is a secret passage into the castle somewhere in the town. Unfortunately, as it had been a long time since Lord Conrad told the minister about this secret passage, the only information he can remember is that it has something to do with the Republican emblems that adorn the town's walls. With this investigation and a little intuition, Synbios investigates one of the emblems close to the castle doors and the secret passage opens up!

In the main chambers of Flagard castle, Conrad is sitting alone at his desk… but when Synbios approaches his father, Conrad speaks out and tells him not to come to him. However when Synbios still approaches, he tells him that it's a trap! Fiale appears; disappointed that Synbios didn't come much closer and summons his troops to fight Synbios' army. It seems that Fiale has already wounded Conrad, as he had to use all his strength just to warn Synbios of Fiale's sneakiness. Synbios regroups with his force and fights off the Bulzome monks in the castle, but during the battle Fiale retreated to head to Lookover, where he intends to kill Duke Palsis.

After the forces of Bulzome have been exterminated from Flagard castle, Conrad asks Synbios to head to Lookover and protect Duke Palsis; these are his last requests of his son. Despite all their efforts however, Synbios and his friends cannot save Conrad, who dies in front of them…

Chapter 5 - Tower Ruins of Lookover
After mourning Conrad's death, Synbios' force prepares to leave for Lookover, in order to protect Duke Palsis. Zero, who returned to Flagard in pursuit of Fiale, gives Synbios' force the orb of Elbesem and leaves to return to Prince Medion, despite not being able to get the Seagate's cell key from Fiale.

Since Conrad's passing, the people of Flagard don't want Synbios to leave the town but the young lord must go and save Palsis instead of taking up his duties as the lord of Flagard's territory. However, the road ahead won't be easy as a Bulzome army blocks the ridge road between Flagard and Lookover. A brief show of force scatters the diversion though and Synbios' army makes it into Lookover with enough time to save Palsis.

Synbios' force passes through Lookover village and starts their ascent to the top of Lookover tower where they will catch Fiale and his unholy army. They reach Fiale in time and a battle occurs on the tower between Fiale and Synbios, with Duke Palsis as an onlooker. In the midst of battle also, Synbios stops some thieves who are hoping to steal treasures from the Lookover ruins and they find a rouge ninja, Hagane, who agrees to lend his power to Synbios' force if they protect him from his clan, the Momoichi, who are hunting him. The steep paths and ramps of the tower make for uneasy fighting but eventually Synbios fights through Fiale's minions and reaches the Bulzome High Priest to avenge his murdered father. Fiale is defeated but before he is finished off, Basanda appears and takes him away to be healed, as Synbios' force is weary from combat they cannot stop her and Basanda leaves with Fiale. Although disappointed at letting the evil Fiale escape, Palsis invites Synbios and his companions up to the top of Lookover tower to explain why Conrad sent him here.

On top of Lookover tower is a huge gem, which glows brighter in correspondence to the amount of tragedy and hardship in the world. Palsis explains that Conrad, Benetram and himself have all been studying the ancient myths about the Vandals and the Thousand Year Kingdom, in their work to stop this land from falling into the hands of the Vandal, Bulzome. The three of them made a pact that if one of them died before their goal was realised, then they would instruct another who would continue their work. Before Conrad died, since he sent them to Palsis, Synbios was chosen to continue his work, with Palsis and Benetram. Before they can stop the Bulzome sect though, the wars between Aspinia and Destonia must be halted. To do that, Palsis and Synbios need the help of someone with great influence in the Republic, Tristus of Malorie, who can at the least put an end to the internal feuds within the Republic. Palsis joins Synbios' force as tactician and they choose to follow the Great Wall westwards towards Malorie, as it is the quickest route.

Although it looks peaceful, the Great Wall is a dangerous place, and since the Guardian Statue of Elbesem's destruction, monsters roam the ancient landmark, and the Bulzome cult's presence makes it even more dangerous. Synbios' force advance over the wall, unaware of the traps that the masked monks of Bulzome have in store for them. Just as the Bulzome monks are about to ambush Synbios, a voice warns the force of the presence of a huge Golem hiding in the workings of the wall. Palsis reveals the voice as belonging to Murasame, a ninja, who appears and uncovers the hiding Golem. Murasame aids Synbios' force in defeating the Bulzome monks and the Golem is destroyed, clearing the Great Wall's path. After the battle though, Murasame tells Synbios' force that he was captured by Bulzome monks, who used evil magic to force him to tell them all about Aspia's defensive plans. He also informs them that the Bulzome sect has another gigantic weapon, as well as the floating Walcuray, which they intend to use against the Republic. This makes Synbios' journey to Malorie all the more important as they must meet with Tristus and rally the Republican forces to defend their country.

The force reaches Malorie's north marshes but Murasame senses that a trap has been set and that the castle may be unsafe. With Synbios' permission, Murasame leaves ahead to investigate the castle and meet with Lord Tristus while Synbios' force cross the marshland towards Malorie. Luckily the roaming village of Vagabond has currently stopped near Malorie and Synbios' force rests and restocks there before venturing out into what is almost certainly a trap.

Although monsters roam the marshes, the signs of Bulzome activity seem minimal. However, as the force proceeds closer to Malorie, a group of poison worms, alien to this part of Aspinia, appear and attack Synbios' force! Trying not to get slowed down too much, Synbios' force battles on towards Malorie but after not long, a huge queen worm appears, its powers having been greatly enhanced by the Bulzome sect's magic. The force defeats the queen worm though, but since Murasame has not yet returned, they enter Malorie with a sense of caution as another trap probably awaits them there…

Chapter 6 - Colossus of Aspia
Despite being Lord Tristus' brother-in-law, Synbios isn't granted an immediate meeting with Tristus, especially at such a critical hour in the Republic's life. Coupled with the missing Murasame, something is definitely afoot and Synbios, Dantares and Palsis leave the headquarters to enquire. When they tell the soldiers at the castle gates that they will not wait any longer for Tristus, Wilmer, second-in-command of Malorie's military, appears and invites them to wait in the castle's waiting room. Synbios, Dantares and Palsis decide to do so and follow Wilmer to the waiting room, but when they are inside the room, Wilmer locks the door behind them!

Murasame appears in the room though, to their surprise, and informs them of the situation; Lord Tristus is being held prisoner in his own castle and Braff has kidnapped his son, Algernon! Braff has betrayed the Republic, but there is more to him than meets the eye, as he is indeed the son of Bulzome priest, Basanda! Murasame tells Synbios and Dantares the story of Braff's birth, of Fafhard's affair with the young priestess Basanda, and the stories that were circulated throughout the Republic to hide the truth that Fafhard had an affair with a priestess of Bulzome. As it stands, it seems that Braff has not betrayed the Republic to defect to the Empire, but is instead helping the Bulzome sect to tear apart the Republic. However, in order to rescue Algernon, Synbios' force must first defeat Wilmer who is gathering his army in the courtyard, the only place Synbios, Dantares and Palsis can exit the waiting room into.

Synbios and Dantares prepare to fight a stand in the courtyard while Murasame returns to headquarters to gather the rest of his force to defeat Wilmer. As they had predicted, Wilmer and his soldiers are waiting in the courtyard for them, and as soon as the battle commences, Synbios and Dantares rush to the fountain in the centre where they use the high ground to their advantage. Just as Wilmer thinks he has Synbios and Dantares pinned, Murasame and the rest of Synbios' force burst into the courtyard and come to their rescue. Shocked at the turn of the battle's course, Wilmer's forces lose their composure and are easily overrun by Synbios' army.

As Wilmer dies, he tells Synbios that Prince Arrawnt's army has occupied Aspia with the help of a Bulzome army, but as long as Malorie stays neutral there is no threat to Algernon's life. Wilmer imprisoned Tristus as he knew the Lord of Malorie would mobilise the army whether Algernon was kidnapped or not, thus sacrificing his own son to save the Republic; Wilmer's actions were in an attempt to save the young Lord's life. However, as it is, before they can free Tristus, Synbios must defeat Braff's army, which is guarding Aspia's north gate, so that they can save Algernon and return him to Malorie.

Braff is waiting for Synbios' army on Aspia's north plains, but before any conflict ensues, Dantares tells Braff that Fiale killed his father, not Synbios, in the hopes that the battle can be averted. Although Braff is saddened that he misunderstood the situation, he still insists on fighting Synbios, to test his own skills as a general. The following battle is long and bloody, but eventually, Synbios' superior skill and experience shines through and Braff is defeated. At the last moment though, a dragon commanded by Basanda appears and takes the wounded Braff away to be healed. Algernon was not with Braff but is in Arrawnt's custody, and now Synbios must also face Basanda in the catacombs of Aspia before they can retake the capital.

Synbios takes the gem that Braff dropped during the battle and uses it on one of the giant statues outside Aspia's inner wall to open up the entrance to the catacombs where his army descends to face Basanda. With the high priest of Bulzome, is the fully healed General Spiriel, who is ready to fight Synbios' army once again, this time with Basanda.

Basanda warns them of the Colossus' awakening and tells them that the only way to control it is with the negative staff that she possess'. Synbios' army must defeat Basanda and take the staff from them so that they can call off the Colossus' assault on the capital of all Aspinia. The force fights past Spiriel and crosses the rickety bridge to fight Basanda, who is finally defeated by the superior numbers of Synbios' army. Although Basanda loses the staff, Synbios cannot control it as only one who has given their soul to the darkness can successfully wield the staff.

Without the staff, the Colossus will now attack both Republican and Empire forces, a fact revealed by Fynnding, a birdsoldier from Malorie, who flew past the ancient giant to deliver a message to Synbios; Tristus has escaped from his imprisonment and is calling an emergency strategy meeting with Synbios! However, with Fynnding's discovery that the Colossus will fight both sides, Duke Palsis believes there is a way to defeat the Colossus.

Back in Malorie, Palsis tells his strategy; the Synbios battalion will split into two forces one, which will act as a decoy at the castle bridge. The second force will rush to the dam to open the floodgate and use the immense power of the flowing water to destroy the Colossus, while the main force hides behind the bridge walls. Fynnding joins Synbios' army and agrees to lead the second force to the bridge. As well as Fynnding's support, Synbios hires a couple of mercenaries from the village inn to strengthen the reserve force and increase their chances of succeeding.

Synbios' battalion returns once again to Aspia's catacombs where they split up into two; Fynnding takes the reserve force to the dam and Synbios leads his army out onto the bridge to lure the Imperial army towards the rampaging Colossus. Arrawnt sends his soldiers to attack Synbios' army but Synbios uses the Colossus' slow reactions to his advantage and the ancient machine starts attacking the Imperial soldiers while Synbios' force dodges its attacks. Up at the dam, Fynnding leads the reserve force slowly but surely past the Imperial soldiers stationed there, and opens the floodgate as much as possible so as to get the power of a typhoon. Fynnding releases the signal to tell Synbios that they have completed their mission and Synbios' force hides behind the bridge walls before the water violently smashes into the Colossus, destroying it and killing any Imperial soldiers still left on the bridge.

Shocked at seeing his army defeated, and the Colossus destroyed, Arrawnt takes to the battle himself with his strongest soldiers while revealing his plans to take the Imperial throne by force, and his alliance with the Bulzome sect. Arrawnt has lost his mind and not only wants to destroy the Republic, but his own family so that his ambitions can be fulfilled. However, Arrawnt's reinforcements never arrive and Synbios uses all his skills to defeat the Imperial Prince. Algernon, who is being held above the river, whoops and congratulates Synbios. Although the Empire kidnaped his son, Tristus still mobilised his army, yet sneaked his soldiers out of the castle to avoid detection, and wiped out Arrawnt's reserves. Unfortunately, all is not well and a ninja named Yasha appears and cuts the ropes holding Algernon above the river because Tristus broke the agreement. Algernon plummets towards the river and Synbios is about to jump in after to save his cousin when Fynnding appears at the last moment, rescuing young Algernon and finally returning him to his parents.

Synbios' forces have now earned a well-deserved rest as the capital of Aspia has been retaken and secured, they retreat into the castle to relax. However, before they can ease themselves, word reaches them through Fynnding that Prince Medion's army has fought past Tybalt's army at the southern gates and is approaching the castle! Synbios, Dantares, Benetram, Palsis and Tristus head to the bridge again where they meet Medion's and Emperor Domaric, who is intent on retaking Aspia; Medion has no choice but to comply with his father's wishes, despite his strong relationship with Synbios. Even after defending Aspia against several threats, all could soon be lost again, but will Medion fight Synbios and take Aspinia for his father…?

End of Scenario 1

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