Storyline Summaries
Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
Max, leader of the original Shining Force, defeated Dark Dragon, restoring peace to the world. After a few years Mishaela has taken command of the devil army and has an evil ambition...

Max suspects her plan and, with new companions, begins to pursue Mishaela.

At last Max and his companions track down Mishaela at an ancient temple on the continent of Parmecia. However, at the end of a fierce battle Max's comrades are injured and Max must continue the pursuit of Mishaela without them.

Ian and the others return to the town of Hassan without Max, to find that Mishaela is there and is threatening the Elder. After her minions tackle the Force, Mishaela takes the Elder hostage. The Force then set off after her to rescue the Elder, and to find Max.

They follow the devils to the small camp at Ribble, shortly after which they encounter the Kraken sea monster. A thief from Ruburan's gang finds them after the battle, and explains hurriedly that Mishaela has attacked their secret base! They battle at the base, and Mishaela sends Lynx off to Max.

After winning the battle, Ruburan leaves Nosshu in charge of the gang, and goes with the Force. They make their way north to Bedoe and Mount Volcano, where they find two birdmen under attack by Mishaela and her troops. After defeating the devils, God Volcanon appears to the Force and explains to them that the Devil Army are heading for Grans Tower, to begin an evil plan. He tells them that they'll find Max there too, and must help him.

Mishaela finds out that Volcanon spoke to the Force. She sees them as something of a threat to her plot now, and sends Magus to Pacalon to stop the Force. She talks with her generals some more, to explain that the Elder is useful for his knowledge of the ancients... and that she intends to use Max against Ian!

Continuing north, the Force travel towards Pacalon, and after a few battles, they make it there to find Magus' troops battling the centaurs outside the city without much success. The Shining Force take them on, and after their victory, are welcomed into Pacalon.

Leaving Pacalon, they find Magus and Lynx with a dragonman who apparently wants to meet Mishaela. The dragonman escapes, and the Force follow Volcanon's instructions by going to Nazca in the north of Parmecia, via the town of Moun.

On reaching Moun, the Force find a trap has been set for them by Magus... which they promptly disarm! They hear the dragonman pounding on the gates of the city, and let him in. He explains that he is the son of General Elliot (from the original Shining Force), and he wants revenge on Mishaela and the Devil Army for manipulating his father as they did.

Magus returns to Mishaela, for a severe scolding. He is given one last chance, and he tackles the Force at the northernmost part of Parmecia, only to be defeated. After their victory, Goddess Mitula appears to Ian and the Force, and presents Ian with the Necklace of Light. She tells them of the events yet to come, and that they must defeat their friend Max at the tower on Grans Island. Mitula leaves, bidding them well, and offering them the assistance of a magician from her town of Tristan.

The Force are confused as to how they'll get to Grans, at which point the magician, Minto, shows up and suggests they use the Nazca ship. They don't understand, but as Minto places a shimmering jewel on the ground, a bird-shaped flying ship rises from the ground. They enter the ship, and fly across the seas to Grans Island, a place that has become a savage land where monsters roam free.

They make their way across Grans Island, meeting up with a mastermonk at a monastary. The monk, Morton, says he traveled with Max from Parmecia to Grans, but can't remember where Max went after that. He agrees to go along to help find Max.

At Morton's suggestion, the Force head to the small town of Roft - facing another Kraken on the way - before making their way to Eiku's great fortress, where Lynx and Eiku have just been arguing over the death of Magus. The Force have little trouble in fighting off Eiku's living statues and succeed in felling his Fortress. As the Fortress begins to crumble, the Force are re-united with the Elder who briefly tells them of his escape with the help of a young, unknown, man.

The Force continue on their way, encountering Mishaela and another trap as they travel south. During this encounter, the Elder dies, but uses his last breath to give the Force a hint as to where they should be going: Ground Seal.

As they progress further, they are Forced to battle Commander Lynx, who, upon his defeat, returns Ridion to the Force and dies an honourable death. Finally reaching Galam, the Force explain the recent events to King Galam himself, who - after a battle in his throneroom - bestows Max's Chaos Breaker on young Ian.

They finally find themselves close to Ground Seal, only to be hindered once again by Mishaela and her traps. After finishing off Mishaela's doll, they find themselves forced to battle against their dear friend Max, who is wearing an evil mask, used by Mishaela to control him. They succeed in defeating Max without killing him, and are relieved when a young man by the name of Oddeye shows up to remove the mask. Oddeye turns out to be a devil, serving a different lord than Mishaela's Lord Darksol, and as such, having a common enemy with the Force, he temas up with them.

Upon entering the Ancient Tower, Mishaela shocks Max with the unbelieveable truth: Ian is his nephew, son of his brother Kane. Despite this distraction, the Force succeed in dealing Mishaela a crippling blow, at which point she opts to transfer her remaining powers to her lord and master Darksol. The revival begins, and the Force battle long and hard against the demon lord, finally defeating him with the assitance of Goddess Mitula and the Necklace of Light.

Victorious, the Force return to the city of Galam, and recount the events to the King. In honour of the Force's great achievement, King Galam renames the legendary Chaos Breaker to the "Force Blade". Meanwhile, Oddeye is leaving the Ancient Tower, in his arms the son of Darksol, Mephisto...

Their adventure over, Ian, Max and Adam set out together on a new journey.

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