Storyline Summaries
Shining Force Neo
Translated from Sega Japan's information.

Warriors inherited the destined power called "Force" from their fathers, and carve the trophies of their battles on this stone. This is a story about people who own the two "Forces" of light and darkness.

13 years ago, there was a great war. Evil people known as "Dependants of the Moon" opened the dimensional portal which resembles a gigantic eye in the Moon. Therefore bio-weapons from another dimension, Legion, were widely spread on the land.

"Warriors of Force" stood up against them, and put an end to the war. The Eye of the Moon was closed; hence Legions were put to sleep.

And now, the Eye of the Moon will be opened by the Mysterious Masked Man. Will Max be able to stop this?

To look for partners who also own "Force Frame" just like they do, Max and his childhood friend, Meryl, set out on a quest to protect the land they loved.

World Setting
The world of Shining Force Neo.

A gigantic red moon floats in the sky.

Other than human, there are also centaurs, birdlings, and wolflings. These beastmen live with mankind peacefully in this world. Deep in forests dwelled monsters that threat humans, such as ogres, goblins, and zombies.

~Dependants of the Moon~
It's a name given to those who seek power in human's negative emotion. They earned this title when their powers rose and opened the Eye of the Moon. Not only since the Great War 13 years ago, actually the Dependants of the Moon existed for a long, long time. They summoned vicious monsters, Legion, from another dimension, through the portal deep in the Eye of the Moon. The world in then wrapped in chaos and destruction.

Source: Aspartate