Storyline Summaries
Shining in the Darkness
The setting is in a village by the name of Thornwood. You play an unnamed character who's father, Mortred, has disappeared along with the Princess Jessa on an excursion to the town. They were last seen in the woods near the Labyrinth, and after a considerable amount of time are deemed missing.

A group of Knights is sent out by a man by the name of Vyrun. Your character, though second in swordsplay only to his father, is not deemed to succeed over the other Knights. Dark Sol appears on the scene, however, and it is quickly decided that he is behind the disappearance and problems in Thornwood. Dark Sol's true purpose in showing up is to deliver an ultimatum: The King is to relinquish the throne if he ever wanted to see Jessa again. Dark Sol leaves, giving them time to pack up and leave.

At this point, the Labyrinth is open, and a trinket which belonged to Jessa is found inside, saying that she must be inside somewhere, and probably so is Mortred. All the Knights are now sent to attempt the Trials of the Ancients... 4 caves made test a persons Strength, Courage, Truth, and Wisdom, and along the way, gain 2 very powerful allies: Milo Brax and Pyra Myst.

After completing the trials, it is discovered that you are the only one to have made it through them alive or without giving up, and the only other person/people to ever have completed them are no longer recorded. By completing the Trials, however, the next part of the Labyrinth opens up... the Labyrinth Proper.

Not too long after getting into it, an older Sage-like man appears in the Court, revealing his name to be Xern, the teacher of Melvyl, the court wizard. He reveals that Melvyl had become caught up in the Dark Powers contained in the Labyrinth, and that Melvyl is indeed Dark Sol. An item/items known as the Arms of Light also are brought to your knowledge, and upon moving further in the Labyrinth proper, half of them are found.

Dark Sol once again shows his face in the Castle, and a battle between Teacher and Student rages. Xern is defeated by an ancient spell known as Demon Breath... a very powerful evil spell. It becomes imperative that you find the Arms of Light and are blessed by the Water Spirit, making you the Shining Knight.

Upon getting close to the final step in the journey, a voice is heard calling out from a cell... it's Princess Jessa! She says that the key to her cell is up ahead, but to watch out for something... As you venture up ahead, a voice calls out, telling you to prepare to meet your doom. A knight, brandished in red armor with a glowing blue sword walks down the corridor and you engage in battle. He gives you and your party the biggest fight of your lives. Upon defeating him, you find he is actually your father, Mortred! He tells you not to be sorry for him, as you've helped him far better than you realize, and to forgive him, as he didn't know what he was doing, as he was under the control of the Darkblade, which Melvyl had bestowed upon him. After getting the cell key and letting Jessa out of her cell, she finds out that you had to kill your father, but keeps her composure for the time being.

Upon returning to the Castle with Jessa, the king is overjoyed to have is daughter back, but all are saddened to hear about Mortred. You then head back into the Labyrinth, determined to get Dark Sol for what he did, but you find a Fountain that pulses in strange colors, so you decide it best to go and report your findings to the court. Upon returning yet again, you find that Jessa has broken down after telling all her stories and getting to your battle with Mortred. Theos, one of the King's advisers, catches her tears in a vial and gives them to you, saying that Edward, a friend of yours from the village tavern, said they'd be of use to you.

So, upon taking them back to that fountain, the Water Spirit blesses you as the Shining Knight being that you have found all of the Arms of Light. Afterwards, you head out to face Dark Sol. He welcomes you, saying he was bored being without a challenge, but wastes little time. The battle seems to end rather quickly, but he calls out for the powers of darkness to grant him his due, and he rises up yet again, but as a giant demon! The battle rages on, and after a hard fought battle, you emerge victorious. The town is rejoycing (all except the shop owners...they're out of business), and in the Castle, you are appointed the Head Knight, Milo is to be your adviser, and Pyra is taken under Xern's wing... a happy ending.

Source: Knight_019