Storyline Summaries
Shining Soul
Translated from Sega Japan's Shining Soul site.

In ancient times, incarnation of devastation, Dark Dragon, destroyed and burned a civilization to ashes. From that time on, hundreds of years passed, while new human set root in this land, Dark Dragon revived, in attempt to swallow all lands in the sea of fire.

But a group of people capable of confronting Dark Dragon have reached out their hand to save this world. They, being the survivals of the ancient tribe destroyed, are the only ones hold the key to confront Dark Dragon. The descendants of the ancient tribe will fight in place of the people on this land who know nothing about battle, obtain the knowledge and weapons left by their ancestors, and challenge the Dark Dragon.

They are now known as the "Fleet of Light". After contiguous death defying battles with Dark Dragon, they came to the southeast on the Continent of Rune at the place called Runefaust to face the final battle.

Led by advisor Noah, the "Fleet of Light" will protect everything on this land from the hands of the Five Generals in Dark Dragon's command.

(BTW, from how they write the kanji for "Shining Force", "the Fleet of Light" might be offically traslated into "the Shining Fleet." )

Source: Aspartate