Storyline Summaries
Shining Soul II
Translated from the game's introduction.

Light was brought back after Dark Dragon, the incarnation of darkness, was destroyed.
People thanked the four heroes who drove away the darkness with all their heart.

Indulged in peaceful era, people's gratitude gradually fades away. Parents no longer tell legend of the heroes to their children.
As time goes by, abundance was taken for granted. Nobody think it will ever end.
Legend of the heroes, the effort they made for peace, and gratitude toward light are long forgotten.

In an ordinary day in a peaceful town, an old man tells an uncanny premonition.
"People, look in this crystal! Look at the cloud inside!
It's like what the legend told. Darkness is going to destroy the world!
If the power of light increases, there's a chance of suppressing the
Otherwise the balance of this world will collapse!
This is the grim future the crystal is trying to show us!"

The old man exert all his effort to make his voice heard throughout the plaza. Yet these words can no longer reach the ears of the people who forgotten the grace of light.
However, it is time to put an end to this peaceful era blessed in light.
Darkness has found its path.

A symbol of darkness, an alchemist, appeared.
The man's name is Gillespie.
Gillespie approached the old man, and lured him out of town.

Unaware of the approaching shadow of darkness, the crystal is dropped on the ground.
And the kind elder is never seen again.

Being a member of a dark association, the "Dark Claw", Gillespie has more important missions.
Gillespie headed for the castle of Gurantoru.

Deshart, a knight of high reputation, is also greatly trusted by King Maruseru.
Using his sweet talks, Gillespie has earned his trust.
He gave the forbidden fruit to Deshart, and then disappeared again.

Deshart didn't doubt Gillespie's words.
After a few days, he ate the fruit...

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