Storyline Summaries
Shining Tears
Translated from Sega Japan's original Shining Tears site.

A young hero named Xion, at a time of great dispair is helped out by a travelling elf girl named Elwing. He awakens in the fort kindom of Shirudia: a bustling city full of many races on key trading route.

With the kind care of many people, Xion is brought back to good health, but has lost most of his memory and can recollect nothing more than his name. Knowing nothing of his own being, he starts a new life in this city. For Xion, the city has a familar, friendly feel to it, even though he cannot recall anything.

However, the peaceful days did not last long, as an evil force has set its sights upon this land. The king disppears as the ruungaisuto [Edit by Moogie: 'Runegeist' perhaps?] empire's army approaches, the soldiers run away, and the confusion and distress of the townsfolk is at its peak.

Only a small number of people from an army of thousands is left to protect the city, at what is certainly going to be the start of a life-and-death struggle. Totally outnumbered, Xion and his comerades set up defences at a heavily fortified position. With the protection of the castle and strategic surprise attacks, they will hopefully stand a chance. But there is really only two going in to battle... and it is these two that are Shirudia's best hope.

These are actually the two rings that Xion had on the day the he was found... One of which cannot be removed from his left hand. The other, to be worn by his partner, will grant them amazing magical strength, a power rivaling that of a thousand warriors. The final result making Xion a force to be reckoned with.