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Shining Wisdom
NOTE: This summary was written in reference to the US version of Shining Wisdom. Due to the poor translation of this game (thanks to our friends at Working Designs), certain names of characters and/or places may be similar (or entirely different) from those in your version.

Shining Wisdom is set in the land of Palacia (Parmecia). You play the role of Mars, son of Sir Jiles, the famous (and dead) dragon slayer. Your duty is to save Palacia from the Black Elf Pazort, who is attempting to revive the Dark Titan in order to wreak havoc on the land. To do this, you must seek out the four Elemental Orbs (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) and the Shining Sword; only then will you be strong enough to stop the Black Elf from finishing through with his evil plan...

The game starts in Mars’ house, where he is getting ready for his first day of work at Odegan Castle. Upon arriving in the city of Odegan, he encounters a strange woman in the town square who is rambling on about the doom of Odegan. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, but she realizes that Mars is the only hope to save all of Palacia from the rising of the Dark Titan. Afterwards, Mars heads inside the castle to meet with Sir Kaizel the Chancellor and Mars’ new partner, Alfred. Mars and Alfred are to stand guard outside in the courtyard during the night.

After sleeping in the Knights’ Quarters, Mars is outside with Alfred. A strange fog soon envelops the area and Alfred can keep his eyes open no longer. Mars then watches as an elf makes his way through the sand in the courtyard and into the Ancient Shrine. Mars follows him into the depths of the shrine and, upon realizing that he can go no further (for the elf has jumped over a very large lava flow), Mars takes the treasure, a Vigilance Spall, and then heads out to check up on Alfred.

He soon wakes up and talks with you for a bit before he is interrogated by guards. They ask him about last night’s events and he stumbles his way through, lying and asking for Mars’ support. The guards are amazed that nothing has happened and they ask that the two of them see the King right away. Mars follows Alfred to the King’s Audience Chamber and, after a brief speech from the King and Sir Kaizel, Mars confirms Alfred’s story that "nothing" happened last night. They are glad to hear the news, and Mars and Alfred are promoted to the elite guard; they must guard the Princess with their very lives. Alfred is thankful that Mars backed up his story, but is nervous as to what is to happen next.

Mars heads back to the Knights’ Quarters to rest, and after waking up he is outside the Princess’ room with Alfred, Sir Kaizel and the Chancellor. The Chancellor and Sir Kaizel soon leave, and the fog appears once again. Mars heads into the Princess’ room to check up on her, and upon coming out again he finds Alfred sleeping like a rock. The fog seems to become stronger, for Mars begins to succumb to it. A green creature appears and notices Mars’ resistance to the spell. He steals the Vigilance Spall and summons the Princess from her room. The two head to the Royal Crypt, and Mars soon wakes up. He makes his way out of the castle via the right courtyard and to the Royal Crypt.

Mars explores the crypt and, after moving all the white statues that he finds, he encounters Pazort and his minions performing a ceremony. The Princess is here, and Kari, one of Pazort’s minions, transforms herself to become a mirror image of the Princess. Pazort had noticed Mars’ arrival just before the ceremony had started, and decides to send Bangar to deal with him. After beating him up, Mars falls unconscious and Pazort finishes through with the ceremony by turning the Princess into a swan; she is to be sent to the Mystic Wood.

After they all disappear, Mars heads back to Odegan and to the castle to talk with the King. "Satera" has told them of Mars’ courageous efforts in saving her and that Pazort has been beaten. The King shows his gratitude by promoting Mars to the rank of Knight. Mars is to venture to the Gudo Valley and must meet the Fairy that lives there. He is given a key with which to open the valley. Sir Kaizel hints at the fact that Mars should explore the Mystic Wood, too.

Mars then heads to the Gudo Valley, working his way through until he finds the Slide Shoes. Now, Mars makes his way to the Mystic Wood and, by using the Slide Shoes to slide under the hollowed tree trunks and the turtles to cross the water, finds the Magic Hands.

He heads back to the Gudo Valley again and uses the Magic Hands to activate the switches which allow him to cross recently inaccessible bridges. He will soon enter a room in which he must defeat some thunderclouds which shoot lightning bolts. He uses the Magic Hands to destroy them, and the Gudo Fairy soon appears. She is in the guise of the crazy woman who was in the town square in the beginning of the game. She transforms back into her original form and tells Mars that he must travel to the Mystic Wood in order to rescue the real Princess Satera. The fairy gives him a treasure, the Whisper Conch, which enables him to talk with the Trents of the Mystic Wood.

Mars makes his way back to the Mystic Wood and talks with the Trents, one of whom tells Mars that it saw a swan heading north; she supposedly headed into the giant spider’s web by mistake. The trees which were once blocking the way to the spider’s web have moved, so Mars heads north and slides through the top-most trunk. Upon defeating the giant spider, Mars uses the Whisper Conch to talk with the Princess. She will thank him, and tell him that she knew he would come to her rescue.

Mars takes her to the Western District of Odegan to the Millenial Tree. He finds the Monkey Suit and, by using the Stone Shoes to smash the knolls and the Monkey Suit to climb the vines, heads to the very top. He defeats the Giant Cactus, and the Hermit soon appears. Mars talks to him and the Hermit restores the Princess back to her true form. Mars and the princess then head out of the tree and back to the castle.

Upon arriving back at the city, Satera will once again thank Mars for his efforts and will rush on ahead to confront the impostor. Mars heads to the castle and to the King’s Audience Chamber to find that both Sateras are standing in front of the King; no one can remember which one came in last, and both the princesses are saying that the other is the impostor. The King notices Mars and decides that it’s up to him as to who is the real Satera.

After Kari is discovered as being the fraud Princess, she will announce that she has the King’s Elemental Orb which is able to release all of the other Elementals and she declares that all of Odegan is doomed. She will run away, but Mars chases her to the eastern gate. He defeats her monster and Kari announces that she is heading to the Sand Labyrinth to release the relevant Elemental. Mars is presented with a better sword, the Battle Sword, by Sir Kaizel in the King’s Audience Chamber. The Royal Treasury is now open, and Mars acquires the Hercules Gloves.

He then heads to the Sand Labyrinth in the southwestern part of Odegan. He makes his way through, finding the Mole Claw and the statue with which to open the door to the Pyre Coliseum. Walking in, Kari will be there to meet him. She informs him that the Earth Elemental has already been released, and that she is now on her way to Hobbit Village. The monster of the coliseum, a giant Sand Worm, is guarding the Spark Orb. Mars defeats it and acquires this orb.

Heading back to Odegan and talking with the King and company (the Chancellor, Sir Kaizel), Mars must now stop the other Elementals from being released in the Western District. Mars then heads to the Water Labyrinth. Making his way through, he discovers that Bangar is the guardian of the Freeze Orb and that the Water Elemental has been released. Upon defeating Bangar, Mars receives the Freeze Orb.

Exiting the labyrinth, Mars then heads to the Jump Labyrinth just north of Odegan. Using certain combinations of orbs and items, Mars soon finds the Spring Shoes. He then exits the Jump Labyrinth and heads to the Fire Labyrinth in the Western District of Odegan. At the end of this labyrinth is Gwaid, the guardian of the Fire Orb. He informs Mars that the Fire Elemental has, like the other Elementals, already been released. Mars defeats him and finds the Fire Orb. Mars then heads back to the entrance of the labyrinth and melts the huge block of ice which is just north of the entryway; beyond is the Wonder Mirror, which is needed in order to reach the Mirror Labyrinth via the Hobbit Village.

Heading to the village, Mars stands over the pond and uses the Stone Shoes in combination with the Freeze Orb to freeze the lake. He then uses the Wonder Mirror to transport himself to the Mirror Labyrinth. Upon solving the riddles, Mars enters the final room. In here is Kari, who tells him that she has imprisoned the Hobbits. The two engage in battle and, after she is defeated, Mars is transported back to the Hobbit Village. He enters the Hobbit Elder’s house, to find Parn and Salah, two elves, talking with the Hobbit Elder. They will talk with Mars about his quest and he discovers that they, too are trying to stop the Dark Titan from reviving. They give him a treasure before they leave, the Pegasus Helm, which will allow Mars to explore the Air Labyrinth.

Mars now heads to this final Elemental labyrinth in the Western District. He must use the recently acquired Pegasus Helm to activate the Pegasus Plates, enabling him to fly. At the end of this labyrinth is Nuge, who informs Mars that the Air Elemental has been released, just like all the others. He is angry that Mars defeated Kari and he promises Mars that he will feel his pain.

Once he has acquired the final Elemental Orb, the Blast Orb, Mars is ready to head off to the Twin Rock Cape and summon the Light Labyrinth. Inside, he must find the Shining Sword, which will enable him to defeat Pazort. The sword is presented to Mars at the end of the labyrinth by a voice which tells him that he is now able to save all of Palacia.

Mars must now head back to Odegan Castle to talk with the King and company. The doorway to the Catacomb Marsh is now open, and Mars must reseal the Elementals before he can defeat Pazort.

Mars makes his way into the Great Labyrinth and must search either the Fire or Air branches of the labyrinth in order to reach the Earth and Water branches. The Fire branch harbours two keys; the Red Key, which opens the door in the Fire branch to the Fire Djinn; and the Yellow Key, which opens the door in the Earth branch to the Earth Djinn. The Air branch harbours two keys as well; the Green Key, which opens the door in the Air branch to the Air Djinn; and the Blue Key, which opens the door in the Water branch to the Water Djinn.

After resealing all the Elementals, Mars heads towards the Catacomb Marsh where he encounters Parn. Parn tells him that Pazort is now vulnerable and that the entire fate of Palacia is counting on Mars to stop Pazort. Mars then heads into the Catacomb Marsh to destroy the evil once and for all...

The ending is truly amazing; you really should see it for yourself. I can’t give away everything in this summary, you know.

Source: SilverShadow